Publication Date: 20/05/2021 ISBN: 9781912408993 Category:

The Bread the Devil Knead

Lisa Allen-Agostini

Publisher: Myriad Editions
Publication Date: 20/05/2021 ISBN: 9781912408993 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Alethea Lopez is about to turn 40. A fashionable, mixed-race boutique manager who lives and works in Trinidad’s capital city, Port of Spain, she is feisty, fiercely independent and morally ambiguous. Her secrets show only in her bruised skin and the occasional glimpse into her shattered sense of self.

When Alethea witnesses a woman murdered by her jealous lover, her eyes are opened to the lives of the women all around her: from her colleague Tamika, who is engaged to marry an unfaithful man, and her childhood best friend Jankie, the teenage bride of their PE teacher, to her own mother, Marcia, who allowed her daughter to be sexually abused in exchange for the family’s financial and emotional stability.

In first-person Creole, Alethea brings us her truth in an arresting, unsparing Trinidadian voice. As her story unfolds, we see her navigate a dangerous path between her abusive partner Leo, a failed musician who wants to own her body and soul, and the spineless boss she sleeps with only to preserve her personal power. But when she is reunited with her adopted brother, decades after they parted, memories and family secrets begin to unlock and she starts to understand the person she has become.

Alethea’s next step is to decide on the woman she wants to be.

Publisher Review

'Raw and achingly beautiful, this really is remarkable.' - LoveReading. 'You dip into the first page and don't come up for breath until the last... Thoroughly enjoyable.' - Kei Miller. 'Extraordinary and immersive... Her voice is gloriously specific yet this story of a woman both liberated and in need of liberation has universal resonance... Its powerful themes are unpredictable and unforgettable.' - Margaret Busby. 'Strips you down to raw nerve to build you back up again. Allen-Agostini has an unswerving eye.' - Nalo Hopkinson.

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