Publication Date: 06/04/2017 ISBN: 9781784971533 Category:

The Borrowed

Chan Ho-Kei, Jeremy Tiang

Publisher: Head of Zeus
Publication Date: 06/04/2017 ISBN: 9781784971533 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Where there is murder, there is humanity.

Hong Kong’s greatest detective, Inspector Kwan, is dying. For the past fifty years he has been quietly solving crimes while the world changed around him. Now on his deathbed, his partner Detective Lok needs help with one final case.

Through the story of six different but interlocking murders, this bold and intricate crime novel spans five decades of love, honour, jealousy and revenge, in one of the world’s most intriguing nations.

Publisher Review

'The crimes were written and interwoven brilliantly' newbooks. 'Unusual and fascinating' Irish Independent. 'A playful and enjoyable read' Shiny New Books. 'Fascinating and action-filled' Wall Street Journal. 'An excellent read for classic crime fans, with the bonus of an interestingly exotic background, both in police procedures and the politics of a city' Promoting Crime Fiction. 'An innovative novel with a complex structure ... It has to be admitted that Ho-Kei's novel takes quite some time to exert a grip, but those who've stuck with it will find that when it does, it does so comprehensively. The translation is an accomplished and idiomatic one' CrimeTime. 'Five decades of Hong Kong policing stand behind the wise Inspector Kwan as he helps his protege, Detective Lok, confound murderers and reveal much about life in their unique homeland' Sunday Times Crime Club.

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