Publication Date: 01/09/2020 ISBN: 9781838094102 Category:

Take Me Out

Moira Eve, Moira Eve

Publisher: Moira Eve
Publication Date: 01/09/2020 ISBN: 9781838094102 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Olivia Haworth,a woman in her mature years.An intelligent, articulate and resourceful lady,who has enjoyed success and wealth in many genres of her life,now struggles with explaining her illness to those she holds dear. Unprecedented events and encounters with the underworld, turns fiction to reality as this once celebrated crime writer strives on her mission through unchartered waters.With Steely Grit and Fighting Spirit!

Which path will she take?

How will she meet her fate?

Or is it already too late!

Publisher Review

"A nonagenarian fencing crime writer with an Olympic medal under her belt, a love of dressage and battling cancer in the only way she knows how - with steely grit and fighting spirit. Fencing is a central tenet of the first part of the story and so it is great fun to work out whom the characters are modelled upon and even where the locations are. Dennis, the aging Lothario who is well matched with the beautiful Helen, going down 10 hits to 9 after a fight when they engaged blade upon blade; metal to metal. A battle of wits, expertise and skill, two outstanding fencers, nail biting to the end as Helen's beautiful finishing balestra once again caught Dennis unawares! The story twists and turns, then leaps ahead to encompass a rogue racketeer and hit squad tracking Olivia across the Mediterranean whilst she continues to relive old memories." Lawrence Burr OBE Sword Magazine

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