Publication Date: 07/09/2023 ISBN: 9780711262379 Category:

Sustainable Wardrobe: Volume 6

Sophie Benson

Publisher: Quarto Publishing PLC
Publication Date: 07/09/2023 ISBN: 9780711262379 Category:


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Sustainable Wardrobe gives you everything you need to cultivate a more sustainable, ethical and planet-friendly wardrobe that is still easy, accessible and affordable!

Statistics show that how we are consuming, maintaining and discarding our clothing is having a devastating effect on the planet. There are problems with every part of the cycle and they won’t be fixed overnight. So what can we actually do to make a difference?

The answer is that if we all take small steps to improve our habits, it would collectively result in a big change, and this book teaches us exactly how to do this!

Sophie Benson, a journalist specialising in sustainable fashion, will guide you through – breaking down the issues and explaining how we can mitigate them at home: from the clothes we purchase, to the way we care for them, to how we dispose of them.

With easy tutorials to follow (how to read a label and have a conscious closet clear out, upcycling hacks, how to darn socks and how to care for your jeans), Sophie will show you that small changes in habit can result in a more sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Publisher Review

"[A] pragmatic debut guide to sustainable fashion...It's an informative resource for fashionistas looking to dress sustainably without resorting to the "beige, boxy, and boring" repurposed clothes of yesteryear." * Publishers Weekly * "This worthwhile read will inspire deeper introspection on creating an eco-friendly closet." * Booklist * "Delivered with easy simplicity to make understanding even the most convoluted aspects of the fashion industry possible...With its informative tips and interactive tutorials, Sustainable Wardrobe is an approachable and fun guide to getting the most out of your wardrobe while living more sustainably." * ForeWord Reviews * "Consider this a personal trainer for sustainable fashion and feasible, environmentally friendly lifestyles." * Library Journal *

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