Publication Date: 01/04/2017 ISBN: 9781786577573 Category:

Street Art

Lonely Planet

Publisher: Lonely Planet Global Limited
Publication Date: 01/04/2017 ISBN: 9781786577573 Category:



Publisher Review

..".offers a snapshot of what some of the most talented artists in the world are depicting on the walls around the world."-- (04/01/2017) "Your passport to 102 cinematic locales spanning the globe from New York City to New South Wales."--Newsday (04/01/2017) "If street art is your thing, then Lonely Planet has a book for you. Street Art provides locales that feature some of the world's best urban art in over 40 cities. Travelers also get a look at where to find street art hubs and festivals. Mosaics, murals and stencils ... oh my!"-- (04/01/2017) "Curious travelers and budding artists learn about the secret stashes of murals and other art as well as vibrant festivals underway in more than 140 cities around the world."--Dallas Morning News (04/01/2017) "Street art has always been an important fixture in HYPEBEAST culture, and now the travel guide experts at Lonely Planet have given the burgeoning realm its due recognition with a guidebook devoted solely to scoping out the finest examples of this most democratic art form around the world."--Hypebeast (04/01/2017) "It's equal part aesthetic appeal and historical reference."--Thrillist (04/01/2017) "Not only contains the locations of these scenes (that you can visit yourself!) but also amazing anecdotes and stories about filming that were collected for this project."--Uproxx (04/01/2017)

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