Publication Date: 04/05/2023 ISBN: 9781529501933 Category:


Ross Montgomery

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
Publication Date: 04/05/2023 ISBN: 9781529501933 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Discover a world of magical storytelling from a twice Costa-shortlisted author

“One of our finest children’s writers.” Phil Earle

“A master storyteller.” Aisling Fowler

“Another absolute triumph from one of my favourite children’s authors.” Catherine Doyle

The greatest magic is hidden in plain sight…

Evie is used to not being noticed. But when she meets the mysterious Wainwright, she discovers that going unnoticed might just be what makes her unique. Recruited into a secret magical organization, Evie finds herself at the heart of an ancient and magical battle. Evil is returning to the land, and Evie is the only person who can stop it. But how can she defeat the most dangerous magician in the world, when she doesn’t even know her own powers?

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The Midnight Guardians
The Chime Seekers


“The very definition of a page-turner: riveting, punchy, with surprises around every bend. Ross is a flawless storyteller.” Carlie Sorosiak

“Another absolute triumph from one of my favourite children’s authors. Spellstone is both heartfelt and humorous, while fizzing with magic and fun.” Catherine Doyle

“A cinematic roller-coaster ride of a book, magical through to its shining core.” Katharine Orton

“Infused with magic, adventure and imagination. This is Ross Montgomery on top form, and the result is spectacular.” Katya Balen

“A magical book that is both clever and gripping. A joy!” Lisa Thompson

“Montgomery’s playful imagination floods every page, creating a magical adventure full of high stakes, charming characters and unexpected twists.” Joseph Elliott

“A spellbinding adventure, brimming with original magic and the most charming cast of characters.”
Jenny Pearson

“Sparkling with magic, danger and that wonderful Montgomery wit, Spellstone is one to jump into, full throttle. A fabulous, crackling adventure.” Amy Wilson

“Ross Montgomery just gets better and better! Crackling with magic and swirling with mystery, Spellstone had me enchanted from the first page.” Jennifer Bell

“Magical storytelling – bold and brilliant.” Sophie Anderson

“A brilliantly inventive tale of good versus evil that weaves magic and mystery with a cast of loveable characters. I loved every page of it.” Struan Murray

“From the extraordinarily vivid opening scene to the heart-stopping climax, every page proves you’re in the hands of a master storyteller. I couldn’t put it down!” Aisling Fowler

“Ross is one of our finest children’s writers, and this is a magnificent piece of fantasy storytelling. Gripping, quirky and with characters you won’t forget.” Phil Earle


“Cracking adventure from the wildly imaginative Montgomery.” Daily Mail

“Funny, terrifying, full of folkloric strangeness hiding in everyday corner, this sparkling homage to David Bowie’s Labyrinth is just as satisfying as last year’s The Midnight Guardians.” Guardian

“[A] whirlwind adventure.” Daily Telegraph

“Richly imaginative.” The Week Junior

“A quest like no other: Ross Montgomery is on spectacular form in this brilliant, edge-of-your seat story.” Emma Carroll

“Fast-paced and hilarious.” Ross Welford

“Deliciously creepy, wonderfully imaginative.” Sophie Anderson

“Very page-turny, with enough funny bits to stop it being too scary.” Philip Reeve

“All the hallmarks of an instant classic.” Carlie Sorosiak

“A fantastic adventure with shades of Jan Mark, Susanna Clarke and Neil Gaiman … A brilliant example of the best children’s fiction.” Christopher Edge

“Ross Montgomery is a true master of storytelling.” Jenny Pearson

“FLAWLESS. Witty, emotional, beautifully written, pacey, punchy, and a story that just keeps delivering.” Nicola Skinner

“A modern classic.” Phil Earle

“Rich in detail, humour and feeling. Ross Montgomery is a singular talent in writing brave and magical adventures.” Katya Balen

“Fantastic! A brilliant cast of characters … a whirlwind adventure and a fae world brimming with darkness, wonder and faerie tricks.” Aisling Fowler

“[An] enchanting masterpiece … Charming, hilarious and brimming with magic.” Catherine Doyle

“A tricksy, whirlwind of an adventure from start to finish with twists and turns I didn’t expect!” Aisha Busby


Shortlisted for the 2021 Costa Children’s Book Award

Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month for Christmas 2020

Hive Children’s Book of the Month for November 2020

A Toppsta Children’s Book of the Month for November 2020

“An enthralling, Narnia-flavoured novel with the folkloric feels of a Christmas classic.” Children’s Books of the Year, Guardian

“Beautifully drawn fantasy characters … a story of hope and love underpinned by witty humour.” Daily Mail

“A magical slice of historical fantasy fiction.” i Newspaper

“This lovely adventure story has the feel of a classic children’s book.” Book of the Week, The Week Junior

“Beautiful writing and epic storytelling.” WRD Magazine

“A real triumph of the imagination.” Editor’s Choice, The Bookseller

Publisher Review

Featured in the Season Highlights for the Bookseller's Spring 2023 Children's Buyer's Guide * the Bookseller * This is an exquisite novel about [...] love and the power of community. Montgomery, who has been shortlisted for the Costa children's book award, gets better and better with every book. * the Bookseller * A thrilling story perfect for all ages. * NetGalley Reviewer * Brilliantly written, it hooked me in from the very start and left me with that pleasant feeling that you get at the end of a book where all the twists and turns are skillfully brought together. * Worlds Smallest Library * My favourite novel by Ross Montgomery, full of twists and turns, adventure and magic. * NetGalley Reviewer *

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