Publication Date: 15/04/2021 ISBN: 9781786078360 Category:

Something Deeply Hidden

Sean Carroll

Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication Date: 15/04/2021 ISBN: 9781786078360 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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From the Royal Society Winton Prize winner

‘Sean Carroll examines what it means to exist on this speck of dust in a possibly infinite universe. It’s fascinating to see a real working physicist thinking these things through and trying to come to a conclusion.’

– Professor Brian Cox on The Big Picture, a Mail on Sunday Book of the Year

Quantum physics is not mystifying. The implications are mind-bending, and not yet fully understood, but this revolutionary theory is truly illuminating. It stands as the best explanation of the fundamental nature of our world.

Spanning the history of quantum discoveries, from Einstein and Bohr to the present day, Something Deeply Hidden is the essential guide to the most intriguing subject in science. Acclaimed physicist and writer Sean Carroll debunks the myths, resurrects and reinstates the Many-Worlds interpretation, and presents a new path towards solving the apparent conflict between quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of general relativity. In doing so, he fills a gap in the science that has existed for almost a century.

A magisterial tour, Something Deeply Hidden encompasses the cosmological and everyday implications of quantum reality and multiple universes. And – finally – it all makes sense.

Publisher Review

'An authoritative and beautifully written account of the quest to understand quantum theory and the origin of space and time. Sean Carroll is a rare combination of excellent science writer and excellent research scientist. His writing exhibits a clarity of thought that is only available through a deep understanding of the subject. When the book becomes speculative, as it must because it deals with deep and as yet unsolved questions, we know we are in good hands.' * Brian Cox - Broadcaster and Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Manchester * 'A masterpiece...stands along with Feynman's QED as one of the two best popularizations of quantum mechanics I've ever seen.' -- Scott Aaronson, Professor of Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin, and Director of UT's Quantum Information Center 'Irresistible and an absolute treat to read. While this is a book about some of the deepest current mysteries in physics, it is also a book about metaphysics as Carroll lucidly guides us on how to not only think about the true and hidden nature of reality but also how to make sense of it. I loved this book.' -- Priyamvada Natarajan, theoretical astrophysicist, Yale University, and author of Mapping the Heavens 'Sean Carroll is always lucid and funny, gratifyingly readable, while still excavating depths... A fascinating and important book.' -- Janna Levin, author of Black Hole Blues '[A] challenging, provocative book...moving smoothly through different topics and from objects as small as particles to those as enormous as black holes, Carroll's exploration of quantum theory introduces readers to some of the most groundbreaking ideas in physics today.' * Publishers Weekly * 'Sean Carroll beautifully clarifies the debate about the foundations of quantum mechanics, and champions the most elegant, courageous approach: the astonishing "Many-Worlds" interpretation. His explanations of its pros and cons are clear, even-handed, and philosophically gobsmacking.' -- Steven Strogatz, author of Infinite Powers 'Carroll gives us a front-row seat to the development of a new vision of physics: one that connects our everyday experiences to a dizzying hall-of-mirrors universe in which our very sense of self is challenged. It's a fascinating idea, and one that just might hold clues to a deeper reality.' -- Katie Mack, theoretical astrophysicist, North Carolina State University, author of The End of Everything (forthcoming) 'Sean Carroll's immensely enjoyable Something Deeply Hidden brings readers face-to-face with the fundamental quantum weirdness of the universe - or should I say universes? And by the end, you may catch yourself finding quantum weirdness not all that weird.' -- Jordan Ellenberg, author of How Not to Be Wrong 'A thrilling tour through what is perhaps humankind's greatest intellectual achievement - quantum mechanics. With bold clarity, Carroll deftly unmasks quantum weirdness to reveal a strange but utterly wondrous reality.' -- Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe 'Like all great writers, Carroll has the remarkable ability of putting the reader utterly at ease with his lucid and addictive prose. He leads you so gently and comfortably into his quantum world that you quickly forget you are being given access to the most profound ideas about the nature of reality.' -- Jim Al-Khalili, author of Quantum Mechanics (A Ladybird Expert Book) 'Carroll takes us by the hand and with a benign smile and a chatty style, leads us to a place every instant an almost infinite number of copies of you are splitting off to live alternative lives... a wild conceptual ride. -- Sunday Times BOOKS OF THE YEAR 'What makes Carroll's new project so worthwhile, though, is that while he is most certainly choosing sides in the debate, he offers us a cogent, clear and compelling guide to the subject while letting his passion for the scientific questions shine through every page.' -- NPR 'Enlightening and refreshingly bold.' -- Scientific American 'By far the most articulate and cogent defence of the Many-Worlds view in book-length depth with a close connection to the latest ongoing research.' -- Science News 'Be prepared to deal with some equations - and to have your mind blown.' -- Geek Wire 'If you want to know why some people take [the Everett] approach seriously and what you can do with it, then Carroll's latest is one of the best popular books on the market.' -- Physics Today 'Carroll argues with a healthy restlessness that makes his book more interesting than so many others in the quantum physics genre.' -- Forbes 'Something Deeply Hidden is Carroll's ambitious and engaging foray into what quantum mechanics really means and what it tells us about physical reality.' -- Science Magazine 'Solid arguments and engaging historical backdrop will captivate science-minded readers everywhere.' -- Scientific Inquirer 'Fans of popular science authors such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and John Gribbin will find great joy while exploring these groundbreaking concepts.' -- Library Journal 'Readers in this universe (and others?) will relish the opportunity to explore the frontiers of science in the company of titans.' -- Booklist 'Tackling huge questions, myths and conundrums about our Universe is no easy task, but Carroll does so elegantly'. -- BBC Science Focus 'As a smart and intensely readable undergraduate class in the history of quantum theory and the nature of quantum mechanics, Something Deeply Hidden could scarcely be improved.' -- Open Letters Monthly * Steve Donoghue *

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