Publication Date: 06/07/2023 ISBN: 9780861546473 Category:

Someday, Maybe

Onyi Nwabineli

Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication Date: 06/07/2023 ISBN: 9780861546473 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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*Longlisted for the Diverse Book Awards*

‘An astonishing debut, rich in both heartbreak and humour’ Jendella Benson, author of Hope & Glory

Stunningly honest and bursting with wit, Someday Maybe is the story of grief and resilience that you won’t be able to stop talking about

Here are three things you should know about my husband:

1. He was the great love of my life despite his penchant for going incommunicado

2. He was, as far as I and everyone else could tell, perfectly happy

3. On New Year’s Eve, he killed himself

And here is one thing you should know about me:

1. I found him.

Bonus fact: No. I am not okay

After her husband’s unexpected death, everyone around Eve – her friends, her stifling Nigerian-British family, her toxic mother-in-law – is pushing her to move on. But Eve isn’t ready to face the future yet. No, she intends to take to her bed like a consumptive Victorian lady, ignoring her mother’s earnest prayers and her sister’s cajoling.

Instead, Eve begins looking back, combing through her memories in an attempt to understand where it all went wrong.

So begins this very unconventional love story.

‘A love story in retrospect, heartbreaking in its inevitablitiy but also shot through with moments of joy and humour.’ Stylist

Publisher Review

'At turns bitingly funny and heart-breakingly gutting.' -- Bolu Babalola, bestselling author of Love in Colour 'Simultaneously moving, witty and restorative.' -- Daily Mail 'A love story in retrospect, heartbreaking in its inevitability but also shot through with moments of joy and humour as Eve searches for answers.' -- Stylist 'A book about suicide may not sound heartwarming, but this one about a woman struggling to go on after losing her husband strikes the perfect balance between gut-wrenchingly sad and surprisingly funny. It's a great rainy-day read about the love that rallies around us in tragic times - and a reminder that light can come from the most unexpected sources.' -- Good Housekeeping 'This tender novel about grief triumphs in its reflections on how we are buoyed by the families we are born into, and the ones we make along the way.' -- Ayobami Adebayo, author of A Spell of Good Things 'An exploration of one young woman's grief, Someday, Maybe is equal parts sorrow and joy, and debut writer Nwabineli is one to watch.' -- Red Magazine, Book of the Month 'A beautiful and heartbreaking meditation on the layers of grief and love, the complicated expressions of human suffering and the courage it takes to let go of the past.' -- Derek Owusu, author of That Reminds Me 'An intimate, stunning novel. This book will stay with me for a long time.' -- Jade Bentil, author of Rebel Citizen 'Onyi Nwabineli's graceful prose carries you through this moving meditation on grief, memory and community. Someday, Maybe is an astonishing debut, rich in both heartbreak and humour.' -- Jendella Benson, author of Hope & Glory 'Incisive and witty, this deeply moving debut about the many faces of grief took me on an oscillating journey of emotions. I couldn't put it down. Each richly developed character leaps off the page with vivid dimension through Onyi's razor-sharp voice. Fresh and original contemporary fiction from the diaspora I've long yearned for.' -- Lola Akinmade Akerstroem, internationally bestselling author of In Every Mirror She's Black 'Someday, Maybe is an honest and profoundly stirring portrait of loss. Onyi Nwabineli peels back the veneer of sympathy and expectation to reveal the effects a young widow's grief can have on her family, on her circle of friends, and even on the strangers she encounters. Eve's emotional paralysis is heartbreaking to witness but at its heart, Someday, Maybe is a beautifully written love letter to the resiliency of the human spirit. A stunning debut.' -- Xio Axelrod, author of The Girl With Stars in her Eyes 'A touching debut... Eve's family are lovingly written: they gossip, chide her in Igbo and prescribe a bitter leaf soup to heal her broken heart. They also contribute to the surprising perkiness of this novel, in which sensitive observations about the nature of grief are set against humour. Even when Eve is in the depths of despair, deluding herself with hopes that Quentin might come home, she is witty. I was reeled in by her chatty voice and stayed for the tender, touching depiction of grief and family.' -- The Sunday Times 'Most touching is the way Eve grows to emotional maturity as the story goes on, swapping rage for grace and hurt for healing.' -- FT 'It's hard to believe that this outstanding novel is a debut. Poignant and heartfelt... A beautifully drawn story that shows us how to help those who are grieving.' -- Prima, Book of the Month, October 2022 'Nwabineli's exceptional debut is a heartfelt and moving portrayal of grief and recovery in all its messiness... This is an excellent choice for book clubs and for readers who enjoy thought-provoking, deeply emotional fiction.' -- Booklist (starred review) 'Someday, Maybe is a powerful debut novel about young love, profound loss, and the possibility of hope. Onyi Nwabineli is an author to watch.' -- Brenda Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of The House on Blueberry Lane 'A powerful tale of a London widow whose photographer husband died by suicide... The genuine displays of emotion and sharp narrative will keep readers turning the pages.' -- Publishers Weekly 'A perceptive, painstaking interrogation of loss and depression... Nwabineli's first novel is a clear-eyed, compassionate take on grief.' -- Shelf Awareness 'A satisfying read and testament to our human ability to heal.' -- San Francisco Chronicle 'If you are someone who gravitates toward emotional gut punch reads, allow me to introduce you to this spectacular debut.' -- BuzzFeed 'A devastating and powerful story about loss, love, and healing... An emotional journey packed with heartbreak, grief, and beautiful memories.' -- She Reads, 'Best Fiction Books Coming in 2022' 'Expect Nwabineli to emerge as a fresh new voice in contemporary fiction.' -- Reader's Digest, 'Most Anticipated Books of 2022' 'Fuelled by inventive use of language and driven by sharp wit, the book conjures up a raw, living reality of sorrow, loss, and love... The author accomplishes a difficult task with Someday, Maybe - creating a genuine, living, breathing portrait of the meeting place of youth and death... A funny, realistic elegy to love.' -- Irish Examiner 'An unconventional story told through the eyes of Eve, a recent widow in a British-Nigerian family. Nwabineli deftly explores themes of marriage, loss and perseverance in what makes for a heart-filled debut novel.' -- Hunger Magazine 'Nwabineli deftly weaves Eve's Igbo heritage into the story, incorporating phrases, food and traditions... Both respectful and honest... Nwabineli turns cliches into quirky, imagery-laden metaphors.' -- Associated Press 'Exploring themes of grief, mental illness, and irrevocable love, Someday, Maybe is a heartrending tale about a young Nigerian woman who loses her husband too soon. Keep the box of tissues close!' -- Brittle Paper, '100 Notable African Books of 2022' 'Here is so much warmth and spirit in Nwabineli's words. She captures the tidal force of emotions that come with grief with such eloquence and compassion... Here is so much warmth and spirit in Nwabineli's words. She captures the tidal force of emotions that come with grief with such eloquence and compassion.' -- Em's Shelflove 'Someday, Maybe is able to capture the volatile world of grieving, embracing how it acts with chaos and complete irrationality but also welcoming the lighter moments in which we can find relief... This novel is ultimately about the resilience of the human spirit, the strength of family and community, the transformative power of love and life long journey of healing.' -- Bad Form

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