Publication Date: 19/09/2019 ISBN: 9781785925191 Category:

Social Work, Cats and Rocket Science

Elaine James, Rob Mitchell, Hannah Morgan, Mark Harvey, Ian Burgess, Lyn Romeo, Mark Neary

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: 19/09/2019 ISBN: 9781785925191 Category:
Paperback / Softback




This book tells stories of just how powerful social work can be. At its heart are stories drawn from frontline practice, ranging from first interviews through to complex decision-making.

Along the way, we meet the social worker who assessed a cat (though for all the right reasons). We witness the cost of failing to protect the rights of adults, exemplified in the tragic death of Connor Sparrowhawk. We also see the transformations that can happen when social workers really get it right – as in the case of Peter, whose love of balloons led them to feature in his care plan. These stories from practice are combined with guidance and reflective exercises to offer valuable practice wisdom and learning for new and experienced social workers alike.

By turns funny, wise and moving, this book articulates the personal and professional qualities needed to practise rights-based social work. It reveals the potential of the profession to make a difference to the lives of individuals and to communities.

Publisher Review

Love, hope and the messy stuff, stories of social work with adults. The book gives examples of practice making links to social work approaches, legislation and case law, reflecting on the reality of adult social work based on the rights of the person. A valuable insight into practice for social workers and social work students. -- Karen Maude, Practice Educator of the Year 2018 the Social Worker of the Year Awards I would have bought this book for the title alone but the content is dazzling. Written by social workers who clearly love their work, it is powerful, hopeful, funny, informed and based on years of experience and learning. Social care is in need of an injection of colour, love, fun, innovation and creativity. 'Social work, cats and rocket science' is a cracking start. -- Sara Ryan, Mum to Connor Sparrowhawk, Author of Justice for LB This book shares stories that show how peoples' lives have been transformed through getting to know people. Whether you're a social work professional, support worker or gobby punk activists (like us) this book demonstrates the importance of upholding everyone's human rights. This collection of practical stories aren't just for social workers anyone working in social care will be able to draw and reflect on them to check we're doing everything we can to uphold the human rights of the people we work with. At our charity we view ourselves as gobby punk activists, and we have no social work background. To read our work has partly inspired this book is a thrill because it reminds us that we all have a part to play in upholding everyone's human rights. This book gives positive, practical stories of how relationship based social work can make a huge difference to individual's lives. It begs the question "if we don't have the time to make sure the people we support are happy in their life are we prepared to risk-assess their life full of misery?" -- Paul Richards, Director Stay Up Late Whether a politician, a policy maker, a practitioner or a member of the public, everyone should read this. A collection of essays which beautifully portrays the role of social work in society. Much misunderstood, social work walks the tightrope of rights & responsibilities, autonomy & protection, care & control. An illuminating and passionate account of social work in the 21st Century. -- Isabelle Trowler, Chief Social Worker for England (Children & Families)

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