Publication Date: 02/11/1989 ISBN: 9780192722102 Category:

Snow White in New York

Fiona French

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 02/11/1989 ISBN: 9780192722102 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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This is the tale of Snow White, transposed to New York in the 1920s. Snow White’s wicked stepmother uses her position of influence in the city’s underworld to contract the killing of Snow White. But the hired gun cannot shoot Snow White and abandons her instead to wander the streets. She stumbles into a club where the seven jazz-men take pity on her and she joins their band. A reporter who hears her sing propels her into the headlines . . . but her fame puts her once again in the sights of her evil stepmother. She is poisoned with a cocktail cherry. A shocked city mourns the death of the beautiful and talented Snow White but as her coffin is carried up the church steps by the grief-stricken jazz-men, Snow White’s eyes open and her gaze is met by the reporter. They fall in love and live happily ever after.

Fiona French’s iconic re-imagining of a classic fairy tale, with stunning Art Deco illustrations, won the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1986.

Publisher Review

'A sharply witty update of the traditional fairy story. Fiona French's stylish, twenties illustrations are full of subtle visual jokes, which will delight older readers.' * Children's Books of the Year * 'Fiona French is an extraordinary artist . . . here the style is New York in the age of jazz, and very spectacular it is.' * Signal * '. . . pure and delightful self indulgence . . . done with tremendous style and an unfailing sense of period.' * Junior Bookshelf * 'Dazzlingly illustrated by the author in Art Deco style.' * Daily Mail *

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