Publication Date: 16/05/2024 ISBN: 9781529915426 Category:


Richard Pink, Roxanne Pink

Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication Date: 16/05/2024 ISBN: 9781529915426 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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‘A (self) love letter to those whose brains are beautifully and uniquely different’ Riyadh Khalaf | ‘Books like this are so important’ Rach Idowu

When ‘ADHD wife’ Rox and neurotypical husband Rich asked their community of 2.5 million what the biggest ADHD struggle is, the thousands of replies changed everything. As they learned, the real enemy isn’t productivity or focus, but the toxic ADHD core beliefs we’ve internalised.

With candour and kindness, they share personal stories to highlight and reframe the 10 big lies that ADHD people believe about themselves. From ‘I am lazy’ to ‘Everybody hates me’ and ‘I quit everything I start’, Small Talk will empower ADHDers and those who love them to navigate life with compassion, humour and hope. Whether you were diagnosed early or are new to the neurospicy community, Small Talk will change your relationship with yourself and others. It will help you to stop being your worst fear-leader, start bigging yourself up, and live your best neurodivergent life.

Learn how to:

Identify your limiting ADHD beliefs
Break free from neurotypical standards
Support and understand your ADHDers
Adopt a self-kindness mindset
Communicate your needs & boundaries
Celebrate the joys of ADHD

Praise for Dirty Laundry:

‘A godsend!’ Davina McCall

‘Essential for ADHDers and all who love them’ 5* reader review

‘Life-changing’ 5* reader review

‘It’s not just me! Blew my mind, validated my life’ 5* reader review

Soul-soothing for anyone in an ADHD relationship’ 5* reader review

Publisher Review

A (self) love letter to those whose brains are beautifully and uniquely different. Speaking from lived experience, Rox and Rich manage to shift the paradigm associated with ADHD, which up until now has been riddled with lies and misinformation. This book reminds readers that rather than having a disorder, they are simply differently ordered and when managed with kindness, it can become their superpower! -- Riyadh Khalaf , broadcaster, Youtuber and winner of Celebrity MasterChef 2020 Pre ADHD diagnosis I read so many self development books. I used to try to implement what I learned and would feel like a failure, feel frustrated and blame myself for being lazy when I couldn't get those strategies to work for me. Books like this are so important for people with ADHD to break free from holding our selves to Neurotypical standards. -- Rach Idowu, 'Adulting with ADHD' Neurodivergency advocate My whole life i've beaten myself up, comparing myself to my peers & wondering why i can't handle life like them. but actually, ADHD has made me incredibly special, ambition, determined & capable of the most amazing things that others aren't & for that, i think neurodiversity is a beautiful thing. -- Becky Hill

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