Publication Date: 16/01/2014 ISBN: 9781473200159 Category:

Small Gods

Terry Pratchett

Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication Date: 16/01/2014 ISBN: 9781473200159 Category:




‘An intriguing satire on institutionalized religion corrupted by power . . .’ Independent

‘Deftly weaves themes of forgiveness, belief and spiritual regeneration’ The Times

In the beginning was the Word.

And the Word was: “Hey, you!”

For Brutha the novice is the Chosen One. He wants peace and justice and brotherly love.

He also wants the Inquisition to stop torturing him now, please . . .

Readers adore Small Gods:

‘One of Pratchetts best works, retelling what has happened, happens, and will happen as soon as faith goes mad, uncontrolled, and vicious, tries to expand its sphere of influence and doesnt care about the foundations and rules, contradicting its own commandments’ Goodreads reviewer,

‘It makes you contemplate so many things. Beyond religion too. There were so many passages when I was musing “It’s like this thought has sprung out of my head but it’s written a hundred times better than I would have said it”‘ Goodreads reviewer,

‘Pratchett creates a host of characters that represent people and our relationship with religion, done with thought and hope, a thoroughly laugh out loud experience’ Goodreads reviewer,

‘The book is never preachy (see what I did there? ;P) or boring. On the contrary, the mad romp through several hitherto unseen countries on the disc was delightful’ Goodreads reviewer,

‘Pratchett at his theological best’ Goodreads reviewer,

‘This extremely cleaver religious satire is one of the top Pratchett’s work as organized religion becomes target of his wit and cynicism’ Goodreads reviewer,

‘A true delight. Also, as I finished the book, I felt my cold go away . . . hallelujah for the curative properties of wonderful books’ Goodreads reviewer,

Publisher Review

A sequence of unalloyed delight - Guardian He is screamingly funny. He is wise. He has style. - Daily Telegraph His spectacular inventiveness makes the Discworld series one of the perennial joys of modern fiction. - Mail on Sunday Pratchett has a subject and a style that is very much his own. - Sunday Times

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