Publication Date: 06/04/2017 ISBN: 9780192747013 Category:

Sky Thieves

Dan Walker, Jr.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 06/04/2017 ISBN: 9780192747013 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Zoya Delarose wakes up on a creaking sky ship in the dead of night. She has no idea why she was smuggled aboard or that her life is about to change forever . . .

Up in the clouds, Zoya discovers a world of meteor storms, sword fights, midnight raids, floating islands, long lost treasure, and most surprisingly of all friendship, honour, and trust. But with the deadliest of enemies closing in, can Zoya find the strength to soar, or will she plummet from the skies with no one left to break her fall?

Welcome aboard! Welcome to the world of the sky thieves . . .

Publisher Review

"This is the stuff of classic swashbuckling fast-moving adventure, complete with a wonderful cast of gloriously named characters, a deliciously evil baddie and a feisty heroine coming into her own." * Booktrust * "Classic good versus evil tale with a colourful cast of flying thieves and unlikely heroes. Original, exciting and full of interesting characters and vivid action scenes, Dan Walker has created an excellent air-borne adventure story in Sky Thieves." * Andrea Reece * "Sky-high adventures on an air-ship crewed by Robin Hood style pirates and a life or death battle against an evil nemesis make Dan Walker's new book a thrilling read from beginning to end." * Clare Wilkins, School Zone * "...the story becomes a whirlwind of a tale of fights, raids, islands in the sky, treasure, evil pirates (yes, it seems there are some good pirates out there as well as those good old-fashioned bad characters), friendship, bravery and family...Its superb...Enjoy it!" * Sue Chambers, Sue and Pakka's Reviews * "...a fantastic and original mix of swashbuckling and steampunk." * ReaditDaddy *

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