Publication Date: 06/12/2016 ISBN: 9781785650017 Category:

Sinner Man

Lawrence Block

Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
Publication Date: 06/12/2016 ISBN: 9781785650017 Category:
Paperback / Softback




To escape punishment for a murder he didn’t mean to commit, insurance man Don Barshter has to take on a new identity: Nathaniel Crowley, ferocious up-and-comer in the New York mob. But can he find safety in the skin of another man…a worse man…a sinner man…?Long before he became the award-winning creator of Matthew Scudder (A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES) and an MWA Grand Master, Lawrence Block penned this tough, unforgettable crime novel, his very first. But as he describes in a new afterword, the book wound up published only eight years later, under a different title and a fake name — and was then lost for half a century. Now appearing for the first time under Block’s real name, with revisions by the author, SINNER MAN is revealed as a powerful work by a young novelist destined to become one of the giants of the mystery genre.

Publisher Review

"Undiluted noir." - Booklist "...pulpy, ritualistic, and satisfying-a guilty pleasure packed into a time capsule from 1960." - Kirkus "...impeccable hardboiled prose with sharp as a razor dialogue, femmes fatales in perfect deshabille, villains galore, gang wars and a chilling lesson in how to disappear and evade justice. That is, until fate, coincidence and the foibles of human nature inevitable catch up with you. First rate." - Maxim Jakubowski "Sinner Man is a splendid example of the form, and is highly recommended for both fans of and newcomers to the genre." - Sequart "It was well worth the effort. SINNER MAN is essential reading for the multitude of Block fans. It is also recommended as a finer example of the kind of stories that flooded the market in the heady, early days of the paperback publishing industry." - Bookgasm "A damn fine crime novel..." - Criminal Element "Sinner Man is classic pulp from a master." - Crime Fiction Lover "It's an excellent book, too, much too good to have been lost for decades. But we can be glad that it's been found and reprinted." - James Reasoner "Block's terse, hardboiled and sardonic prose complements his fast-paced story. He cleverly makes readers root for his unsympathetic narrator. Sinner Man is grade-A, retro pulp fiction that will not disappoint fans of Block, Dorothy B. Hughes or Mickey Spillane." - Shelf Awareness "Sinner Man is one of crime fiction's most exhilarating rediscoveries. Half a century in the making, the icing on this intoxicating cake is the wonderfully pulp hand-drawn illustration on the cover - the kind that drew me to Hard Case Crime in the first place. Be sure to pick up this great novel. It's been worth the wait." - Hits The Fan "Gripping, well crafted and the book is certainly a page turner." - Nudge Book

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