Publication Date: 24/06/2021 ISBN: 9780241371329 Category:


Christian Cantrell

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication Date: 24/06/2021 ISBN: 9780241371329 Category:


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‘A fantastic crime thriller and murder mystery with brilliant characters’ 5***** READER REVIEW
‘Brilliantly conceived and plotted. I was hooked’ 5***** READER REVIEW
‘Speculative fiction at its very best. Not to be missed’ 5***** READER REVIEW

Around the world, twenty-two people have been murdered. The victims fit no profile, the circumstances vary wildly, but one thing links them all:

In every case the victim is branded with a number.

With police around the globe floundering and unable to identify any pattern, let alone find a killer, CIA Analyst Quinn Mitchell is called in to investigate.

Before long, Quinn is on the trail of an ice-hearted assassin with seemingly limitless resources – but she’s prepared for that.

What she isn’t prepared for is the person pulling the strings . . .

‘A fun and fast paced thriller’ 5***** READER REVIEW

‘A unique and original cat and mouse thriller’ 5***** READER REVIEW

‘Gripping and unsettling but hugely entertaining’ 5***** READER REVIEW

‘This stunning debut thriller will have you on the edge of your seat’ OK

Publisher Review

The plot is intriguing and twisty, and Cantrell has a compelling narrative style. A fast-paced near future thriller that will mess with your head -- James Oswald This stunning near-future thriller takes some truly breathtaking turns... * Publishers Weekly * [Scorpion] takes place in an only slightly futuristic world that snaps and bristles with technological capabilities that may seem distant or improbable but which are in fact just around the corner. There's snappy dialogue, sharp observation, and compelling characters in Quinn, Ranveer, and Henrietta; the technology sings, the physics is plausibly presented, and the suggestion of time travel fascinates. A fast, fun, and intelligent SF thriller. * Kirkus (*starred review*) * An exceptional, fast-paced thriller featuring a tech-empowered assassin whose pattern and objective you've never seen before, chased by a heroine with tenacious grit -- David Brin

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