Publication Date: 02/03/2023 ISBN: 9781838740931 Category:

Scientists in the Wild: Galapagos

Romolo D'Hipolito, Dr Helen Scales

Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Publication Date: 02/03/2023 ISBN: 9781838740931 Category:




Tasked with observing and protecting the islands’ amazing wildlife, the scientists will track and study the animals and plants that are unique to this incredible archipelago.

To get the job done they will climb volcanoes, get sneezed on by marine iguanas, watch dancing birds, launch a deep-diving submersible and explore the dazzling underwater wonders of Galapagos.

Publisher Review

A vibrant adventure that captures the exciting lives off conservationists in the field. Packed full of wild facts, this book celebrates rare biodiversity and highlights how we all must work together to save it. * Megan McCubbin, BBC 2's Springwatch * A truly engaging non-fiction expedition to inspire budding scientists, bursting with information-rich visuals. If I'd read this book as a child I could well be a marine biologist now! -- Charlotte Guillain, author of 'The Street Beneath My Feet' An enchanting and absorbing read showcasing the islands' scientific importance, history, and beauty. A visual feast for the eyes and the mind. -- Sabina Radeva, author of 'On the Origin of Species' Vibrant and visually impactful, packed with information about the people who make caring for our environment their life's work. -- The Bookseller Learning about the vibrant and unique wildlife is a wonderful learning opportunity and it is truly embraced in this beautiful entry from Flying Eye Books. -- Comics in Class blog For those studying evolution, it is a perfect accompaniment. Children aged 9 and above will find so much to enjoy and it is written in a fabulously accessible way. -- @Bedemeister on Twitter By focusing the book around an expedition, it creates a joint sense of mission and gives a narrative element to this beautiful, joyful non fiction book. -- @kidsbookstolife on Instagram Packed with fascinating facts and beautiful illustrations on every page. -- @rascals_and_rainbows on Instagram Bright illustrations bring the islands inhabitants and its beauty to life. -- @mammy_gittins on Instagram There is such an interesting variety of life on the islands and this is presented beautifully within the book, keeping the readers constantly intrigued and amazed. -- @books.on.a.piano on Instagram From the equipment [the scientists] need to the habitats they explore, this book makes it feel as if you've joined them on a science trip of a lifetime. -- @father_teacher_reader on Instagram Beautifully illustrated and contain so many amazing facts. -- @candygirlsadventures on Instagram The beautifully illustrated non-fiction expedition to the fascinating Galapagos islands in the Pacific Ocean. -- @littlelibraryowl on Instagram Romolo D'Hipolito has brought the Galapagos to our bookshelves with his detailed and rich illustrations of the islands and its inhabitants. -- @teenyreaders on Instagram What I enjoyed the most was learning about the work of the scientists (.) it really brings the subject alive and shows children what a career in science might look like in the field. -- @storybook_mamma on Instagram Perfect for young exploring enthusiasts, animal lovers and conservationists alike. -- @mammy_gittins on Instagram It is exquisitely illustrated, interactive, and filled with incredibly interesting facts. We love that the illustrations are plentiful, filled with colour and vibrancy and representative of the gorgeous wildlife that can be found in the Galapagos. -- Mini Travellers This is a fascinating, highly engaging book which will be a welcome addition to school libraries and bookshelves as well as being an excellent text for inspiring young adventurers at home. -- Through the Bookshelf Helen Scales, herself a marine biologist, writes in an engaging manner, holding the reader's interest throughout. Stylish, detailed illustrations by Romolo D'Hipolito play an equal part in conveying the science and keeping readers absorbed. -- Red Reading Hub

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