Publication Date: 04/08/2011 ISBN: 9781906694876 Category:

School Blues

Daniel Pennac

Publisher: Quercus Publishing
Publication Date: 04/08/2011 ISBN: 9781906694876 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Daniel Pennac has never forgotten what it was like to be a very unsatisfactory student, nor the day one of his teachers saved his life by assigning him the task of writing a novel. This was the moment Pennac realized that no-one has to be a failure for ever. In School Blues, Pennac explores the many facets of schooling: how fear makes children reject education; how children can be captivated by inventive thinking; how consumerism has altered attitudes to learning. Haunted by memories of his own turbulent time in the classroom, Pennac enacts dialogues with his teachers, his parents and his own students, and serves up much more than a bald analysis of how young people are consistently failed by a faltering system. School Blues is not only universally applicable, but it is unquestionably a work of literature in its own right, driven by subtlety, sensitivity and a passion for pedagogy, while embracing the realities of contemporary culture.

Publisher Review

'Should be read by any teacher or parent who wishes to understand the flaws in our education system' Frank Burbage, TLS. * TLS * 'Describes what faces a school dunce when the teacher before him cannot recall what it felt like to be ignorant ... Playfully written ... School Blues joyously combines the profound with the seemingly trivial. It gently reminds readers how ignorant it is to have forgotten what it felt like to have but little knowledge' Economist. * Economist * 'What Pennac has to say in this impressionistic, entertaining, provocative and insightful book is of relevance to anyone involved in education. 9/10.' Martin Spice, TES. * TES *

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