Publication Date: 18/07/2019 ISBN: 9780190843960 Category:

Psychotherapy Relationships that Work

John C. Norcross, Bruce E. Wampold

Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
Publication Date: 18/07/2019 ISBN: 9780190843960 Category:




First published in 2002, the landmark Psychotherapy Relationships That Work broke new ground by focusing renewed and corrective attention on the substantial research behind the crucial (but often overlooked) client-therapist relationship. This highly cited, widely adopted classic is now presented in two volumes: Evidence-based Therapist Contributions, edited by John C. Norcross and Michael J. Lambert; and Evidence-based Therapist Responsiveness, edited by John C. Norcross and Bruce E. Wampold.

Each chapter in the two volumes features a specific therapist behavior that improves treatment outcome, or a transdiagnostic patient characteristic by which clinicians can effectively tailor psychotherapy. In addition to updates to existing chapters, the third edition features new chapters on the real relationship, emotional expression, immediacy, therapist self-disclosure, promoting treatment credibility, and adapting therapy to the patient’s gender identity and sexual orientation.

All chapters provide original meta-analyses, clinical examples, landmark studies, diversity considerations, training implications, and most importantly, research-infused therapeutic practices by distinguished contributors. Featuring expanded coverage and an enhanced practice focus, the third edition of the seminal Psychotherapy Relationships That Work offers a compelling synthesis of the best available research, clinical expertise, and patient characteristics in the tradition of evidence-based practice. Like the original, this new edition is “A veritable gold mine of research related to relationships, a volume that should be an invaluable reference for every student and practitioner of psychotherapy” (Psychotherapy).

Publisher Review

Well written, well-explained, and a good blend of application make the book an essential addition for the practitioners, teachers, and therapy researchers. * The Family Psychologist * This edition of Psychotherapy Relationships That Work will have significant impact for several years. Training programs will find it an excellent tool to illuminate the link between science and practice, to say nothing of the superb guidelines for implementing relationship-focused strategies. Practitioners will also benefit from reviewing these processes and may come to a deeper understanding of their own work. This collection of research is an important step in the development of a much needed, richer synthesis. * PsycCritiques * This excellent resource is a treasure! Psychotherapy Relationships That Work is the gold standard in providing current evidence on how the psychotherapist client/patient relationship promotes change. Educators, researchers and practitioners will be informed, inspired and moved by an immersion into the evidence-based understanding of the change process. * Melba Vasquez, PhD, ABPP, Independent Practice and former APA President * A veritable gold mine of research related to relationships, this is a volume that should be an invaluable reference for every student and practitioner of psychotherapy. * Psychotherapy * This is a timely and truly outstanding book which all concerned with quality health care should carefully review. The key to successful therapy IS, and has always been, the establishment of a genuine therapeutic relationship, not the blind application of cookbook techniques. Backed up by rigorous scientific studies, the authors cogently explore various elements of therapy in depth, while providing understandable examples. An extraordinarily timely text. * Patrick DeLeon, PhD, JD, Past-President, American Psychological Association *

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