Publication Date: 18/07/2024 ISBN: 9781916788688 Category:

Our Daily War

Andrey Kurkov

Publisher: Orenda Books
Publication Date: 18/07/2024 ISBN: 9781916788688 Category:


This book is scheduled to be published on 18/07/2024.
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“A vivid, moving and sometimes funny account of the reality of life during Russia’s invasion,” Marc Bennetts, The Times

“Uplifting and utterly defiant,” Matt Nixson, Daily Express

“No-one with the slightest interest in this war, or the nation on which it is being waged, should fail to read Andrey Kurkov,” Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail

“For centuries, attempts have been made to force Ukrainians to forget their native language, to stop singing Ukrainian songs and to abandon their history. For almost 400 years, Russia has been fighting against Ukrainian identity.”

Ten years on from the annexation of Crimea, two years on from Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people continue to fight back. In the second volume of his war diaries, Andrey Kurkov gives a fresh perspective on a people for whom resistance and solidarity have become a matter of survival.

Our Daily War is a chronological record of the heterogeneous mix that comprises Ukrainian life and thought in the teeth of Russian aggression, from the constant stress of air raids, the deportation of citizens from the occupied regions and the whispers of governmental corruption to Christmas celebrations, crowdfunding and the recipe for a “trench candle”.

Kurkov’s human’s-eye view on the war in Ukraine is by turns bitingly satirical, tragic, humorous and heartfelt. It is also, in the manner of Pepys, an invaluable insight into the history, politics and culture of Ukraine. Our Daily War is the ideal primer for anyone who would like to know what life is like in that country today.

“Andrey Kurkov [is] one of the most articulate ambassadors to the West for the situation in his homeland,” Sam Leith, Spectator

“Immediate and important … From the grim incredulity at Russians massing on the border to the displacement of millions of people, this is an insider’s account of how an ordinary life became extraordinary. It is also about survival, hope and humanity,” Helen Davies, The Times

“Ukraine’s greatest novelist is fighting for his country,” Giles Harvey, New York Times

“The author’s on-the-ground account is packed with surprising details about the human effects of the Russian assault … His voice is genial but also impassioned, never more so than when deploring Putin’s efforts to erase Ukrainian culture and history. Ukraine, he says, “will either be free, independent and European, or it will not exist at all”. That’s why the war has to be fought, with no concession of territory. And he remains quietly hopeful that it will be won,” Blake Morrison, Guardian

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