Publication Date: 05/09/2019 ISBN: 9781787331969 Category:


Alice Oswald

Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication Date: 05/09/2019 ISBN: 9781787331969 Category:
Paperback / Softback





‘Alice Oswald is at the height of her powers in…this electrifying new work’ Observer

This is a book-length poem – a collage of water-stories, taken mostly from the Odyssey – about a minor character, abandoned on a stony island. It is not a translation, though, but a close inspection of the sea that surrounds him. There are several voices in the poem but no proper names, although its presiding spirit is Proteus, the shape-shifting sea-god. We recognise other mythical characters – Helios, Icarus, Alcyone, Philoctetes, Calypso, Clytemnestra, Orpheus, Poseidon, Hermes – who drift in and out of the poem, surfacing briefly before disappearing.

Reading Nobody is like watching the ocean: a destabilising experience that becomes mesmeric, almost hallucinatory, as we slip our earthly moorings and follow the circling shoal of sea voices into a mesh of sound and light and water – fluid, abstract, and moving with the wash of waves. As with all of Alice Oswald’s work, this is poetry that is made for the human voice, but this poem takes on the qualities of another element: dense, muscular and liquid.

one person has the character of dust

another has an arrow for a soul

but their sto ries all end


in the sea

‘An invigorating book-length poem’ Sara Wheeler

Publisher Review

The text (and characters) ebb and flow as mesmerically as the sea, a fluid abstraction that speaks to the power of the ocean. * i * [Nobody] is a paean to water, to the fluidity of language and the porousness between beings and stories... Both form and language echo the ceaseless drift, flitting movement and translucence of their uncontainable body...and, as with any memorable trip, the effects of reading Nobody linger in and around the mind long after the experience has passed. * Financial Times * [Oswald is] a revolutionary, an eco-poet whose ideas are alive with sensory experience. Her new book, Nobody, is a kind of verse novel which refuses even the conventions of storytelling. * Guardian * Sometimes the rush of unexpected language is thrilling... It is a wonderfully skilful tarantella of syllables and images... Nobody is Oswald's most formally freehand work, a fragmentary gathering of murmurings searching for the excitement of new meaning. -- Jeremy Noel-Todd * Sunday Times * Alice Oswald is at the height of her powers in...this electrifying new work... It is out of this world - and in it. It is mythical and realistic, ancient and modern. * Observer, *Poetry Book of the Month* *

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