Publication Date: 01/06/2021 ISBN: 9781913339098 Category:

Nen and the Lonely Fisherman

Ian Eagleton, James Mayhew

Publisher: Owlet Press
Publication Date: 01/06/2021 ISBN: 9781913339098 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Far out to sea and deep below the whispering waves lives a merman called Nen. Nen spends his days exploring his underwater kingdom, but something is missing: his heart is empty. So, Nen ventures to the forbidden world above and it is here that he meets Ernest, a lonely fisherman. But can two people from different worlds be together and what will happen when a terrifying storm gathers? A lyrical, beautiful celebration of love, acceptance and faith, with a gentle message about how we treat our oceans, and each other.

Publisher Review

'A lovely, gentle story of friendship and love between a merman, Nen, and Ernest, the fisherman of the title, with a conservationist theme rippling throughout. Mayhew's light-dappled, tender illustrations are the perfect foil for Eagleton's quiet, well chosen words.' - The Guardian; 'Tender, hopeful and brave.' - Abi Elphinstone; Beautiful and heart-warming.' - Sophie Anderson; 'A gorgeous book - children and adults alike are going to absolutely love it.' - Benjamin Dean; 'Full of heart and gorgeous artwork.' - Lew Newbery; 'An inclusive, hopeful fairytale with beautifully dreamy art.' - Fiona Noble, The Bookseller; 'A gorgeous tale of connection, acceptance and love.' - Through The Wardrobe Books; 'Magificent.' - Tell Tale Books; 'Destined to be a classic. 'Sofishticated' uplifting and full of strength against adversity.' - Tom Griffiths of checkmeoutbooks blog; 'A beautiful tale of longing, love and the importance of protecting the oceans ... a standout picture book.' - Matthew Todd, Former Editor, Attitude Magazine; 'The raw emotion pours our of everypage.' - Edspire;

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