Publication Date: 02/02/2023 ISBN: 9780192787347 Category:

My Name is Parvana

Deborah Ellis

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 02/02/2023 ISBN: 9780192787347 Category:
Paperback / Softback




The fourth book in the internationally bestselling series that includes The Breadwinner, Parvana’s Journey and Mud City.
In this stunning sequel, Parvana, now fifteen, is found in a bombed-out school and held as a suspected terrorist by American troops in Afghanistan. The army major thinks she may be a terrorist working with the Taliban. Parvana does not respond to questions in any language and remains silent.

As she waits for foreign military forces to determine her fate, she remembers the past four years of her life. Reunited with her mother and sisters, she has been living in a village where her mother has finally managed to open a school for girls. But even though the Taliban has been driven from the government, the country is still at war, and many continue to view the education and freedom of girls and women with suspicion and fear.

Publisher Review

[Parvana] represents those millions of girls all around the world who have no voice of their own. The story feels realistic and the writing moves at a gallop. * The Times (Children's book of the week) * This is a compelling and riveting page-turner that is harrowing, inspiring and thought provoking throughout. * The School Librarian * ... ideal for older readers to gain some insight into the complexities of life in Afghanistan. * Carousel * I really felt Parvana's sense of danger and how she felt about being separated from her family. I think this book is suitable for all age groups although its topic is quite serious * Teen Titles *

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