Publication Date: 10/06/2021 ISBN: 9780008464622 Category:

My Broken Language

Quiara Alegria Hudes

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 10/06/2021 ISBN: 9780008464622 Category:


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“Quiara Hudes is in her own league. Her sentences will take your breath away. How lucky we are to have her telling our stories.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda

From the Pulitzer-prize winning playwright behind IN THE HEIGHTS comes a spellbinding coming-of-age story, and a vibrant and life-affirming celebration of the women who guide us.

Born in Philadelphia to a Jewish father and an enigmatic Puerto Rican mother, Quiara Alegria Hudes had a love-and-trouble-filled upbringing, haunted by the unspoken, untold family secrets of the barrio. In the face of real world wounds, the powerful, Orisha-like women of her family possessed a strength, joy and sensuality that left a young Quiara awe struck. She vowed to tell their stories.

But confronted by a world that treated her like an outsider, Quiara knew she must find a new language, one which reflected the multiple cultures that raised this Puerto Rican child of North Philly. Written and spoken, English and Spanish, sacred and profane – as her search for a way to share her family’s story deepened, an artist emerged, ready to speak her truth.

An inspired exploration of home, family and memory, My BROKEN LANGUAGE is the story of a sharp-eyed observer who finds her voice and learns to boldly tell the stories that only she can tell.

Publisher Review

ADVANCE PRAISE FOR MY BROKEN LANGUAGE 'Quiara Hudes is in her own league. Her sentences will take your breath away. How lucky we are to have her telling our stories.' - LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA 'Enormously empathetic and funny ... The language throughout is gorgeous and so moving. I love this book.'- ANGIE CRUZ, author of Dominicana 'This book is a how-to for this generation of storytellers looking for direction on how to step into their power. If anyone asks me how to tell their story, I'm just gonna send them this book.' - JON CHU, Director of In the Heights and Crazy Rich Asians 'A masterclass on how we might all find the courage to tell our own stories on our own terms.' - KIMBERLY DREW, author of This is What I Know About Art and Black Futures 'Visceral, riotous, and cathartic. To have a foot in two cultures, to live in the divide, to capture her experiences with such astonishing ferocity, originality and attention to detail - well, to read Hudes' Broken Language was a kind of baptism. A woman's journey to find her voice has never been rendered so powerfully. I can honestly say I grew as a writer from reading it.' - JINI REDDY, author of Wanderland 'An extraordinary, beautiful and deeply moving memoir....With their hope and resilience, the Perez women teach us how to build a well of support that lasts a lifetime, fuelling unique artistic journeys. I know I will treasure this book, and return to it whenever I feel in need of creative sustenance.' - SOPHIE HARDACH, author of Confession with Blue Horses 'Quiara Hudes has created a must-read book that is difficult to put down. Her generous intimacy causes us all to examine-and honor-our families' broken languages that create a rich, emotional legacy for the people we become.' - PAULA VOGEL, Pulitizer Prize-winner

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