Publication Date: 14/10/2021 ISBN: 9781908745996 Category:

Moominland Midwinter

Tove Jansson, Thomas Warburton

Publisher: Sort of Books
Publication Date: 14/10/2021 ISBN: 9781908745996 Category:


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A Fabulous Find from the Moomin Archives

A classic Moomin Book with COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS

And a beautiful FOLD-OUT PANORAMA

In 1961, at the request of her Italian publishers, Tove Jansson created a unique new edition of Moominland Midwinter, the tale in which Moomin wakes from hibernation to contend alone with the mysterious world of winter. The text and internal line drawings of this much loved story were unchanged, but Tove added a beautiful new cover illustration and seven glorious full-page colour illustrations. This was the only Moomin title that she illustrated in colour and it has long been a prized item for collectors. For the first time, it is available in English.

For this new Sort Of edition, Tove’s nephew James Zambra restored the original cover and colour illustrations, along with a glorious fold-out panorama of characters from the book, which Tove Jansson painted for the first French edition. Sort Of Books have also added a back cover designed for the first Swedish edition of Moominland Midwinter, an image used on the first Puffin book, and a playful bookplate ‘wreath’ from the first German book. We believe this is the most beautiful Moomin book ever published!

Publisher Review

This book had a huge influence on me as a child; Jansson's words still hold their magic to this day. -- Maggie O'Farrell More than any other book I read as a child, Moominland Midwinter has kept company with me through my adulthood. -- Tom Holland * Guardian * I love Moominland Midwinter for its evocation of winter ... Read as a child for wonder and laughter, read as an adult for perception-changing clarity of insight. -- Stef Penney * Observer *

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