Publication Date: 07/02/2019 ISBN: 9781787413405 Category:

Molly’s Moon Mission

Duncan Beedie, Duncan Beedie

Publisher: Templar Publishing
Publication Date: 07/02/2019 ISBN: 9781787413405 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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Molly the moth lives in the back of an old wardrobe. She loves her home and her family but she yearns for adventure. So by day she helps her mother look after the larvae, and by night she prepares for her space mission to the MOON!

It’s no easy feat for a little moth to fly all the way to the moon – but Molly is not a moth to give up on her dreams.

Publisher Review

In Molly's Moon Mission by Duncan Beedie, Molly the moth (have you ever heard of a book with a moth as the main character - just one of the many reasons to love it!) has always been told that someone as small as her can never make it to the moon. Yearning for adventure, she helps her mother look after her siblings (larvae) during the day and trains hard for her space mission by night. And soon she is ready to blast off. But perhaps the moon is further than even Molly believed. First she gets as far as a lightbulb, but that's not the moon. Then she makes it as high as a street lamp, but that's not the moon. Then she gets confused but a lighthouse, that's not the moon either. Along the way she is belittled and made to feel too small for such a feat. Will she ever make it? And show everyone that size doesn't matter when you have a big dream? I think you can probably guess! With adorable illustrations and the underlying message of reaching for your dreams, this is a wonderfully heart-warming and gently encouraging story. * Book Bairn * Our second Picture Book of the Week is another absolute treat from one of our fave picture book authors. "Molly's Moon Mission" by Duncan Beedie is the tale of a little moth with big dreams. From the genius behind "The Bear who Stared" - a book that we STILL talk about even to this day, you're probably expecting something rather special. This most definitely is! The tale begins with Molly, a moth who lives at the back of the wardrobe with her moth family. During the day she's an ordinary moth who pitches in helping her family with the chores. Looking after moth grubs, all the while dreaming of her grand plan. For at night, Molly dreams of jetting to the moon, that amazing glowing globe in the night sky. As Molly looks up, she dreams of becoming an astro-moth! But it's not an easy task, how can a tiny little moth go all that way? She's going to need a lot of help, pluck and determination. Duncan has once again created a book that worms its way into your thoughts and musings, as the underlying message of believing in yourself and following your dreams is beautifully described.We loved all the little touches and homages to space travel in this, so many gorgeous spreads as Molly's story unfolds. (Gotta say, that lovely little nod to classic Lego Space figures also completely won us over!)Does Molly achieve the dizzy heights she aspires to? You'll have to read the book to find out! * Read it Daddy * I have to admit to spluttering with giggles all through this story. From the outset, the idea of Molly the moth attempting to fly to the moon struck me as totally ridiculous but that's what makes this such a fun book. Young Molly has an indomitable spirit and despite residing in the back of an old wardrobe, her determination knows no bounds. Her mother's discouraging words about the slightness of her wings notwithstanding, the little moth trains hard until she's ready for the countdown to blast off.After a couple of setbacks due to wrong destinations,the tiny creature lands up at a lighthouse where at least she receives some words of encouragement for her venture. Fuelled by same, she relaunches herself skywards until finally ... Success! Moreover, there's a role for Molly as assistant to the astronauts before they all set off earthwards with the little bug proudly sporting her newly awarded lunar mission patch. When she finally reaches home once more, she's greeted by her mum who on learning of her little one's adventure, responds, "My Molly, the only moth ever to fly to the Moon!" Thus far maybe, but Molly has plans ... From his The Bear Who Stared debut I've loved all Duncan's picture books but with this one he reaches new heights. * Red Reading Hub * For his new picture book Duncan Beedie has chosen another unlikely hero; it was a pigeon in The Last Chip and this time it's a moth. Molly is an ambitious young moth with dreams of space travel. She wants to be a real astronaut and fly to the Moon. Molly tells her mom of her plans but is met with doubts. However, Molly is not deterred and in between caring for her siblings (very cute but highly demanding larvae) she undertakes some serious training for her space mission. Finally, she's ready and with her homemade space helmet she blasts off into space. There are a few false starts. She mistakes a lightbulb, then a street lamp and finally a lighthouse for the moon. The adults she encounters on her way are dismissive of her ambition but Molly continues regardless. After her third botched attempt she does start to feel a little dejected. Luckily, a friendly crab gives her the motivation she needs and Molly makes it to the Moon!Once there, she feels rather lonely but fortunately her lunar landing coincides with a manned mission to the Moon and she's able to assist the astronauts with their scientific research and have some fun too! The illustrations are so wonderful - charismatic characters, atmospheric colour palettes, and humour. My three-year old son and I really enjoyed poring over them as we read. There are so many fabulous details! We spotted something new with every reading: the before-and-after end papers, all the different things the larvae have nibbled, and the larva sprouting wings at the end.Interwoven with the highly entertaining story and brilliant illustrations are some pretty important messages: the importance of self-belief, the value of perseverance and the strength to break free of any limitations placed upon you. As is typical of Duncan's books, these themes are subtle and not laboured. I also love that the lead is a female character with ambition and a sense of adventure. We highly recommend Molly's Moon Mission. It's already become a favourite in our house. * Get Kids Into Books * Duncan Beedie is a well known name in my home as my girls, eldest in particular, thinks his books are rather fab. Last year we shared a brilliant book that Duncan Beedie wrote and illustrated The Last Chip. That story is based on a very hungry pigeon and Duncan's talented writing really got you thinking about different themes embedded in the story including homelessness.This year Duncan Beedie's newly published book Molly's Moon Mission is a read based on a moth, Molly. I am delighted to be taking part on the blog tour and shall be sharing a crafty idea shortly. My girls and I think Molly is magnificent so naturally we wanted to make her but first let me tell you about the book.Molly's Moon Mission is based on a young moth who yearns for an adventure. She is the eldest moth child in her home and has many responsibilities including looking after her energetic larvae siblings but Molly really wants to visit the moon.Molly is small, she is a moth after all, and she is repeatedly told that her aspirations of visiting the moon will forever remain a dream. Visiting the moon is no easy adventure particularly when you're as small as Molly but that does not deter her. You see Molly is determined, she has self belief and as the story progresses she gets stronger and more confident.There are failed attempts, some a little comical in that Molly mistakes a lamp post for the moon. But Duncan Beedie's inclusion of such attempts are important in sharing with young readers that with determination AND hard work you can do great things. Also, a failed attempt shouldn't simply be seen as something that went terribly wrong but a positive lesson that needs to be reflected upon. Molly does have a moment in the story where she starts to question such lessons. Is she silly to think someone as small as her can visit the moon? Should she just give up? Well a crab nips a stop to that thinking and shares encouraging words with Molly that makes her feel great again.Though there were struggles and lessons learnt, Molly does successfully visit the moon. She certainly has an adventure whilst visiting and on her return her mum is absolutely delighted that her sweet Molly made it to the moon. Will she be the only one in her family to visit outer space? Molly certainly doesn't think so. Duncan Beedie again has skillfully written and illustrated a super book. The book highlights the perseverance Molly has. The illustrations through out are brilliant and I'm so pleased that my little ladies have met a character as driven and focused as Molly. * Mamma Filza * It's a fine balance creating a picture book that combines cool artwork and a compelling storyline with an important message. But this is something that Duncan Beedie seems to have mastered beautifully.The Bristol-based author-illustrator and dad has a background in children's animation, working in television and online, but only published his first book in 2016. Now he's already on his fourth - Molly's Moon Mission, which came out earlier this month. It tells the tale of a tiny moth who has a big dream - to fly to the moon. The odds are stacked against her and others doubt she can make it but even after a few wrong turns, Molly is not deterred from her far off destination.The story was an instant hit in our house, thanks to its engaging illustrations, humour and space theme. Baby Bookworm loves to do the '5, 4, 3, 2, 1... blast off' countdown and feels a real empathy with the main character. She's a really positive role model and I'm always heartened to see a female lead, particularly in the traditionally 'male' part of an astronaut.Molly's Moon Mission is especially timely given the 50th anniversary of the moon landings in July and a great bedtime story for children interested in space. We think it will inspire many little ones to think big. * Books with Baby *

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