Publication Date: 13/04/2020 ISBN: 9781789142211 Category:

Miracles of Our Own Making

Liz Williams

Publisher: Reaktion Books
Publication Date: 13/04/2020 ISBN: 9781789142211 Category:




Miracles of Our Own Making is a historical overview of magic in the British Isles, from the ancient peoples of Britain to the rich and cosmopolitan landscape of contemporary paganism. We explore the beliefs of the Druids, the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, the alchemy of the Elizabethan court and the witch trials. We encounter grimoires, ceremonial magic and the Romantic revival of arcane deities. The influential and well-known – the Golden Dawn, Wicca and figures such as Aleister Crowley – are considered alongside the everyday `cunning folk’ who formed the magical fabric of previous centuries.
Ranging widely across literature, art, science and beyond, Liz Williams debunks many of the prevailing myths surrounding magical practice, past and present, while offering a rigorously researched and highly accessible account of what it means to be a pagan today.

Publisher Review

"[An] engaging and often entertaining history of all strands of paganism and magic, taking in witchcraft, shamanism, Druidry, heathenry, and more. The author is a 'level-headed' journalist, SF author, and practicing witch, who nevertheless has zero tolerance for woo-woo, a fact which makes this particularly accessible."-- "Bookseller" "An absolute must for anyone interested in the development of paganism in the modern world. I cannot recommend this book enough."--Janet Farrar, coauthor of A Witches' Bible "Bookseller" "An informative and well-informed history of paganism, sensibly written with both knowledge and sympathy."--Carolyne Larrington, University of Oxford, author of The Land of the Green Man "Bookseller" "In this highly engaging and informative book, Williams shares her wide knowledge of British Paganism in the past and present. From druids to grimoires, and antiquarians to occultists, the book is rich in detail and interesting characters."--Owen Davies, author of Grimoires and editor of The Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft and Magic "Bookseller" "Paganism has a mysterious, complicated history. In Miracles of Our Own Making, Williams cheerfully guides her readers through the mists that too often shroud this fascinating topic. With good sense and sound judgment, our amiable guide takes us on a magical journey from the ancient world to the present day. Along the way, she highlights common pitfalls and evaluates how far contemporary paganism is indeed rooted in historical magical traditions. Although primarily focused on Britain, Miracles of Our Own Making is a wide-ranging book. Topics covered include Viking runes, Anglo-Saxon leechcraft, Tarot cards, Hellfire clubs, Druids, the Golden Dawn, and much more. Throughout, Williams eschews unnecessary controversy and avoids unproductive conflict. Instead, she synthesizes a litany of key primary and secondary sources, and does so with tolerance, kindness, and sympathy. Those drawn towards pagan paths will find Miracles of Our OwnMaking a fine overview of the mysterious and complex history of magic."--Thomas Waters, author of Cursed Britain: A History of Witchcraft and Black Magic in Modern Times "Bookseller" "At last, we have a history of British Paganism written from the inside, by somebody who not only has a good knowledge of the sources, but explicitly understands how Pagans and magicians think."--Ronald Hutton, author of The Triumph of the Moon: A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft "Bookseller"

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