Publication Date: 06/02/2014 ISBN: 9780273784357 Category:

Mind Maps for Business 2nd edn

Tony Buzan, Chris Griffiths

Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Publication Date: 06/02/2014 ISBN: 9780273784357 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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Tony Buzan knows more than a little about Mind Maps – after all, he did invent them!

Often referred to as the ‘the Swiss-army knife for the brain’, Mind Maps are a ground-breaking, note-taking and mind-organising technique that has already revolutionised the lives of many millions of people around the world and taken the educational world by storm.

Now Tony Buzan is sharing the powerful techniques of mind mapping with the business world to help business professionals everywhere revolutionise the way they think and practise.

Mind Maps for Business is the very first and only book on mind mapping that has been written by Tony Buzan specifically for a business audience.

No matter how big or small the business you work in; no matter if you’re an employer or an employee; no matter what your role is, you’ll find the benefits of using mind maps to help you think, organise, plan and control are vast:

Accelerate your productivity to levels you never thought possible.
Generate exciting new possibilities for growth and expansion.
Make meetings, discussions and forums really productive and useful.
Negotiate, talk and consult more constructively and effectively.
Be more focussed, more organised and much smarter.
Unleash your amazing creative capabilities.

Whether you’re writing marketing plans or strategy documents; looking for new ways to develop your business; planning a conference or event; restructuring your staff; or looking to improve your management and leadership skills – discover today the amazing advantages that using Mind Maps for Business can bring.

Publisher Review

'Mind Maps are indispensable in the business world. I recommend this book to all business people.' Nicky Oppenheimer, Chairman, De Beers 'Buzan shows corporate executives how to hotwire their creative energies.' Forbes Magazine 'Tony Buzan has done it again...make your mind work better.' Ken Blanchard, author of the multimillion bestselling book The One Minute Manager (R) 'Mind Mapping uses the brain in the way it was designed, saves time, improves results and is fun. How can any business person be without this powerful tool?!' Stephen C. Lundin, author of the five-million-copy bestselling FISH! 'Tony didn't invent the brain - he did invent the instructions.' John Husbands, Institute of Management 'Mind Mapping is contagious because it works.' Masanori Kanda, leading Japanese entrepreneur and marketer 'The use of Mind Mapping is an integral part of my Quality Improvement Project at Boeing. This has provided savings of over $10 million for my organisation.' Mike Stanley, Boeing Corporation, USA 'I was so impressed with the Mind Mapping concept that we'll now use Tony and his valuable resource in our own business.' Chris Webb, founder and CEO of In2 Marketing 'We achieve far greater clarity in all our communication, develop more creative ideas faster and save volumes of time daily using Mind Maps. In essence, we get more done.' Cliff Shaffran, CEO, Q3global 'Mind Maps cut out all the guessing and intermediary steps and go straight into creating dopamine [neurotransmitters] for the brain.' Po Chung, Director, DHL (HK) 'There can be no clearer or more effective mental tool than Tony Buzan's Mind Maps.' Ray Keene, OBE, International Chess Grandmaster and Mind Sports Correspondent for The Times

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