Publication Date: 07/04/2022 ISBN: 9781838365127 Category:

Mia Makes a Meadow

Rachel Lawston, Beatriz Castro

Publisher: Pikku Publishing
Publication Date: 07/04/2022 ISBN: 9781838365127 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Mia loves all things messy and muddy. Erik likes things spick-and-span and spotless. Together they enjoy their shared garden. But when Mia is left to tend the garden without Erik, nature starts taking over in no time at all! Will he like the wild meadow that has replaced his lawn? With pollinators and wildflowers, join Mia as she makes a meadow, sowing seeds of her own! Also included are pages of facts and illustrations of plants, pollinators and other insects, which children can use for ‘spotting’ in the story.

Publisher Review

'If you are looking for an inclusive book to connect your little ones to wildlife and the outdoors from an early age, then look no further. 'Mia Makes a Meadow' is a great example of urban rewilding and will (with luck) inspire many schools, families and community projects to get together and create something fantastic on their own doorstep. The ID pages and fact sheets at the end add an extra interactive guide, which children can implement immediately on their own adventures. I hope Mia and Finn's urban adventures get shared as far and wide as possible, it's never been more important to connect cities with nature! -- Sarah Roberts, Naturalist, Eco Journalist, Author

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