Publication Date: 30/04/2019 ISBN: 9781912854011 Category:

Made in Sweden

Elisabeth Asbrink

Publisher: Scribe Publications
Publication Date: 30/04/2019 ISBN: 9781912854011 Category:


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What are the real Swedish Values? Who is the real Swedish Model?

In recent times, we have come to favour all things Scandi – their food, furnishings, fiction, fashion, and general way of life. We seem to regard the Swedes and their Scandinavian neighbours as altogether more sophisticated, admirable, and evolved than us. We have all aspired to be Swedish, to live in their perfectly designed society from the future. But what if we have invested all our faith in a fantasy? What if Sweden has in fact never been as moderate, egalitarian, dignified, or tolerant as it would like to (have us) think? The recent rise to political prominence of an openly neo-Nazi party has begun to crack the illusion, and here now is Swede Elisabeth Asbrink, who loves her country ‘but not blindly’, presenting twenty-five of her nation’s key words and icons afresh, in order to give the world a clearer-eyed understanding of this fascinating country …

Publisher Review

Praise for 1947: 'You get a piece of a life in your hands. There is something here that you seldom find in young Swedish prose ... It is beautifully told. Dark, but beautiful.' * Dagens Nyheter * Praise for 1947: ' ... An outstanding work, history as it should be told.' * Salil Tripathi, Chair of the PEN International Writers in Prison Committee, and author of The Colonel Who Would Not Repent * Praise for 1947: '[A]n extraordinary achievement.' * The New York Times * 'Fascinating.' * ANZ LitLovers * 'It is well-written, often funny and it challenges the reader to respond and think up better, more personal examples.' * Aftonbladet * 'I hope Made in Sweden becomes a widely read book.' * Smalandsposten, Barometern * 'Asbrink's book is a singular achievement. It reveals more about the Swedes than it does Sweden. More on values, more on language and the world of ideas than on dates, or regencies and their length. The line of thought is unrestrained, leaping between different eras as it stumbles across parallels, the broad strokes of narrative freely punctuated with anachronism and digression, and as a work of reference for those of us who mostly spent our history lessons looking out of the classroom window, it is unbeatable.' * Vasterbottenskuriren * 'Asbrink as ever writes with clarity, sometimes incisive and poignant, and always with a great curiosity ... The chapter on what the Swedes knew or did not know of the Holocaust is one of the most eloquent literary executions of Jan Guillou that has ever been written, this on his quite recent assertion that the Swedes did not hear of the genocide until after 1945.' * Expressen * 'Elisabeth Asbrink takes us on a brilliant voyage of discovery to the history of ideas in Sweden.' -- Dagens Nyheter 'Challenging and stimulating on Swedish words ... In common with Orwell she condemns chauvinism, but leaves room for patriotism, as love for a specific place, or language, matters as such one would not want to force upon others.' * Goeteborgsposten * 'This handsome little book surveys the things that have made Sweden the place it is today, from the suffragette who was Jane Austen's "literary soul sister" to the "interesting lie" of Swedish neutrality during World War II.' * The Weekend West * 'This quirky inventory of Swedish values explores the shades of grey behind the branding of Sweden as the shiny home of ABBA and Volvo ... But it's not all Bergmanesque gloom. Asbrink also celebrates Swedes' sacred relationship with nature, the achievements of its social reformers and the indefatigable biologist Carl Linnaeus.' -- Fiona Capp * Sydney Morning Herald *

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