Publication Date: 16/01/2018 ISBN: 9781471407147 Category:

Love, Hate & Other Filters

Samira Ahmed

Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publication Date: 16/01/2018 ISBN: 9781471407147 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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A romantic and relevant debut about Islamophobia and how it affects the normal life of a teenage girl.

Maya Aziz dreams of being a film maker in New York. Her family have other ideas. They want her to be a dutiful daughter who wears gold jewellery and high heels and trains to be a doctor. But jewellery and heels are so uncomfortable . . .

She’s also caught between the guy she SHOULD like and the guy she DOES like. But she doesn’t want to let Kareem down and things with Phil would never work out anyway. Would they?

Then a suicide bomber who shares her last name strikes in a city hundreds of miles away and everything changes . . .

Perfect for fans of Annabel Pitcher, WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI and THE HATE U GIVE.

Publisher Review

This smart, heartbreaking, honest debut novel is as timely as it is hopeful. Ahmed tackles weighty issues with thoughtfulness and flair. I was completely swept away. * Sandhya Menon, author of When Dimple Met Rishi * Warm, romantic and relevant, Ahmed explores both timeless teenage concerns and the reality of being an Indian-American Muslim teenage girl in this engaging US YA debut * Fiona Noble, The Bookseller * As heart-breaking as it is uplifting, Love, Hate and Other Filters examines both what it is like to be on the receiving end of extreme Islamophobia, and how the support of open-minded loved ones can help relieve the pain. This is a coming-of-age novel with a twist, as Maya must deal with the specific problem of the abuse she faces, as well as the more general problem of convincing her parents to allow her to pursue the career of her choosing. A must read for teens who are interested in learning about how politics and current affairs can have an impact on certain minorities' everyday lives * The Bookbag * Maya deals with bullying and Islamophobia, I can't talk for marginalised people, as a white woman, but as someone who's an avid social media user I've come across people harassing POC on the internet and it's great to see these topics talked about in the story. This book was adorable, a great depiction of young love, with a hard-hitting plot twist. This book is perfect for fans of When Dimple Met Rishi * Novels and Tea * It was engaging, powerful and realistic all at the same time and with a dash of flawless writing and amazing characters, you will not regret this read * A Whisper Of Ink * A striking first novel by Samira Ahmed * Armadillo Magazine * A cinematic YA tale * Financial Times * This book is a brilliant insight into one experience of growing up Muslim in modern-day America, which translates very easily for readers in the UK. Themes of identity, racism and politics are very much one part of the story; more than anything, this book is about falling in love and finding your own path, whatever your background. Maya is a funny, intelligent protagonist that teenagers will really enjoy getting to know * Booktrust * In this thoughtful debut, Ahmed examines the experience of Muslim teenagers with an equally sweet and sharp perspective. * Buzzfeed * The book has a compelling empathetic voice which will touch your heart as it copes with themes of diversity; prejudice and multiculturalism * South Wales Evening Post * Insightful and witty, this fiction debut explores the truth of being an Islamic teenager in the US * Emerald Street * This book is perfect for fans of When Dimple Met Rishi who want a grittier look at the realities of being a Muslim teenager in America. Samira Ahmed skilfully blends a cute romance with a harrowing exploration of Islamophobia and bigotry. The ability to blend a warm, romantic storyline with some weighty issues shouldn't be under-appreciated. It is through this approach that more readers will be eager to read about a wider, more challenging, range of topics and it should be celebrated * Books With Jane * Love, Hate & Other Filters is such an incredible book - and not only incredible, but so very important. It's powerful, and it's needed. I absolutely loved it, and I look forward to reading what Ahmed writes in the future - whether sweet, cute stories, or hard-hitting, powerful stories, or more of both * Once Upon A Bookcase * This is such an important and timely book - we need more 'own voices' in publishing and we need to encourage everyone to read more widely to appreciate the world from other points of view * Chrikaru Blog * Ahmed authentically and expertly tells a story relevant to today's climate. More than that, it's a meaningful #OwnVoices book about identity and inner strength that everyone should absolutely read * Buzzfeed * It's refreshing to see a romance book about a Muslim teen that doesn't centre on Islamophobia or even being Muslim * Headscarves and Hardbacks * It was incredibly powerful at points and heart-breaking at times * Chrissi Reads * There were a lot of things to love about Love, Hate, and Other Filters. I loved the protagonist, Maya, and her passion for filming. I also loved her strength throughout the book, and how much she grew from the beginning to the end * Cultured Vultures * Ahmed created really engaging characters, many of whom transcended stereotypes, and she did throw a very unexpected twist in as well...a worthwhile, enjoyable read * Either Sadness Or Euphoria * I love that we have books dealing with these kinds of issues in YA. It's so important and so valuable... interesting and involving * Wilde On My Side * In an astute debut, Ahmed intertwines a multicultural teen's story with a spare, dark depiction of a young terrorist's act...Alternately entertaining and thoughtful, the novel is eminently readable, intelligent, and timely * Publishers Weekly * What could easily be a run-of-the-mill light-hearted romance is strengthened by its engagement with Islamophobia in America...Ahmed succeeds in offering up much food for thought while keeping the story and its endearing protagonist to the fore * Irish Times * I don't know if I've ever felt so fully immersed in a culture in a YA contemporary. Samira had all five of my senses engaged constantly... This is a book that will spark an important dialogue the YA community needs to have. This is a book that will make a change * Page of Coins Books * Ahmed provides the reader with a rare and valuable insight into the life and problems of a young person living at the confluence of three traditions. She also compels non-Muslim readers to scrutinise their own prejudices towards those of the Muslim faith, a most valuable service * Books for Keeps * Sidesteps cliche with its resonant detail and astute characterisation... intensely readable * The Guardian * a great YA book, with a mixture of both serious and life changing issues covered, as well as general teen worries, relationships, friendships and family life * Lots of Livres * The writing style was beautiful with the author often using cinematographic language to set the scene and the chapters at the pool were lyrically described * Scorpio Book Dreams * It is really enlightening and eye-opening and like I said, a very important read and it shows how quickly people's attitude can change towards you * The Reader's Corner * Samira Ahmed truly deserves praise for writing this own-voices novel. Not only was it moving but it was incredibly eye opening and I encourage anyone of any religion to delve into this book * Indi Reads * I loved this honest and realistic YA novel about a young Indian-American, Maya Aziz, negotiating her life and her future against the pulls of her family's Muslim world and its expectations and the desires of her own life, to go to film school, and to love whomever she chooses all of this against a backdrop of Islamophobia. -- Carole Barrowman * One News Page * This book is an encouraging and inspiring message to break out of the boundaries handed to you with these things and to paint your picture. * Bookish and Fandom * Both a fluffy rom-com and an important discussion about racism at the same time! * Stars and Embers * A relatable and moving first novel, part of a welcome new wave of diverse YA novels (from, crucially, a diverse range of authors), it's well worth checking out * Yahoo Style * A really meaningful book, and one you'd be hard pushed not to get a little emotional by * Pretty Purple Polka Dots * Gut-wrenching at times, sweet at others, funny in some moments, this was a really enjoyable book. Believable concluded as well. Definitely worth reading and an author I would like to read more from * Sunset x Cocktail * such an adorable and well-written story ? It's an #ownvoice novel which has accurate depiction of the Indian culture, addresses issues of Islamophobia and has a wonderful set of characters * Not Just Fiction * This topical story kept me engaged and guessing until the end... This is both an important and truly enjoyable debut YA novel and I can't wait for more from Samira * My Little Library in the Attic * This novel celebrates the power of making personal choices in a world that is determined to put tags on you and stereotype you. This novel is of hope and perseverance, and not letting anyone decide where you belong * Asian Voice * It's the story of an independent, creative girl determined to live life her own way, despite expectations and customs to the contrary, and it's a look at how all of her brashness is powerless in the face of love she doesn't feel entitled to. In that way, it feels like a typical YA book, and Samira Ahmed really lets you into Maya's heart and mind * Cambridge High School Library * This book is sweet and heart-warming, whilst also tackling a difficult subject with honesty and care * Reading, Writing, Blogging by Alice *

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