Publication Date: 31/03/2020 ISBN: 9781786077929 Category:

Little Eyes

Samanta Schweblin, Megan McDowell

Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication Date: 31/03/2020 ISBN: 9781786077929 Category:




A visionary novel about our interconnected world, about the collision of horror and humanity, from the Man Booker-shortlisted master of the spine-tingling tale

A Guardian & Observer Best Fiction Book of 2020 * A Sunday Times Best Science Fiction Book of the Year * The Times Best Science Fiction Books of the Year * NPR Best Books of the Year

World Literature Today’s 75 Notable Translations of 2020 * Ebook Travel Guides Best 5 Books of 2020 * A New York Times Notable Book of 2020

They’re not pets. Not ghosts or robots. These are kentukis, and they are in your home. You can trust them. They care about you…

They’ve infiltrated apartments in Hong Kong, shops in Vancouver, the streets of Sierra Leone, town squares of Oaxaca, schools in Tel Aviv, bedrooms in Indiana. Anonymous and untraceable, these seemingly cute cuddly toys reveal the beauty of connection between far-flung souls – but they also expose the ugly truth of our interconnected society.

Samanta Schweblin’s wildly imaginative new novel pulls us into a dark and complex world of unexpected love, playful encounters and marvellous adventures. But beneath the cuddly exterior, kentukis conceal a truth that is unsettlingly familiar and exhilaratingly real. This is our present and we’re living it – we just don’t know it yet.

*Little Eyes comes with two different covers, and the cover you receive will be chosen at random*

Publisher Review

'The 'toys' Schweblin has created are the perfect hybrid between a pet and a social network, enabling her to dissect problems that touch all of our lives: the dark side of the internet; the global epidemic of loneliness; the dumb inertia that leads us to jump on board with the latest trend... As always in the worlds Schweblin creates, the real monsters are to be found not in the outside world, but inside each of us.' * New York Times (Spanish edition) * 'A dystopian novel that is necessary, hypnotic, irresistible.' * Elle Italia * 'The finest novel of the past five years. Quite exceptional. Little Eyes will certainly feature in future lists of the ten best novels of this century.' * Luisge Martin, author of The Same City * 'Little Eyes is a short, powerful, disquieting novel. The story explores the grey area that constitutes an invasion of privacy, and the line between intimacy and exhibitionism. Samanta Schweblin guides the narrative with a skilful hand reminiscent of her very finest short stories. An excellent storyteller, but above all, a true writer.' * La Razon * 'She has a gift for fiction that is pure, original, revelatory.' * El Pais * 'Little Eyes calls to mind the world of Black Mirror. The result is suffocating and addictive in equal measure; combining the minutiae of domestic life with a picture of the dark side of technology in a disconcertingly natural style. A story about voyeurism, and the pleasure of looking at the world through someone else's eyes.' * El Mundo * 'An insightful reflection on solitude and privacy.' * ABC * '[Schweblin is] a literary explorer of 21st century fears.' * La Vanguardia * 'Schweblin plunges herself once again into the disturbing limits of what we think of as 'normal'.' * Letras Libres * 'This isn't science fiction; this is the here and now.' * El Diario * 'Like a true master, Schweblin manages to lure us in with a story that leaves us both bruised and fascinated.' * Culturas * 'The undisputed star of Latin American fiction.' * ABC Sevilla * 'The fantastic and strange worlds of Samanta Schweblin's work are described with wisdom and ferocity.' * La Repubblica * 'Embedded within this novel of international interconnectivity are questions of the exhibitionism and voyeurism tied up in our use of technology. Expect echoes of the Wachowskis' Sense8, except told with what has been characterized as Schweblin's "neurotic unease." * The Millions, Most Anticipated Titles of 2020 * 'Samanta Schweblin will injure you, however safe you may feel.' * Jesse Ball, author of Census * 'Samanta Schweblin is one of the most promising voices in modern literature.' * Mario Vargas Llosa, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature *

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