Publication Date: 30/09/2010 ISBN: 9780007418923 Category:


Kathryn Lasky

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 30/09/2010 ISBN: 9780007418923 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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Now a major motion picture!
Enter the world of the owls and meet the heroes who keep it safe…

Born in the forest of the barn owls, Soren loves life’s little pleasures, like the feel of a centipede pattering down his throat. But evil lurks in the owl world, and threatens to change the course of Soren’s life forever.

One terrifying night the strangers come. They capture Soren and fly him to a deep canyon, where the destruction of all owls is being planned. Now Soren will have to do something he has never done before: he will have to fly…

Publisher Review

"The fantastical elements are well integrated with the natural history and the result is a convincing and suspenseful fantasy... A compulsive read." School Librarian "With all the right elements - a hero that's destined for greatness and the struggle between light and darkness - Lasky's Guardians debut is a high-flying hoot. Soren's tale is suspenseful and riveting, and by the book's end, readers will even be impressed with how much they've learned about owls. Reminiscent of Brian Jacques's Redwall and Robin Jarvis's Deptford Mice, The Capture is bound to catch fantasy fans in its talons." Barnes and Noble Reviews "The story's fast pace, menacing bad guys, and flashes of humor make this a good choice for reluctant readers, while the underlying message about the power of legends provides a unifying element and gives strong appeal for fantasy fans." School Library Journal

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