Publication Date: 19/09/2011 ISBN: 9780230319455 Category:

Leadership: All You Need To Know

David Pendleton, Adrian Furnham

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publication Date: 19/09/2011 ISBN: 9780230319455 Category:




Leadership successes and failures are in the media every day. We are in a global political and financial crisis which is changing how we think about our lives and our futures. The authors present a leadership model for the future which creates the right conditions for people to thrive, individually and collectively, and achieve significant goals.

Publisher Review

'This leadership model is practical, simple, understandable and, most importantly, it works at all levels.' John Rishton, CEO, Rolls Royce 'Amidst the clutter of books on leadership, this book stands out. It helps make sense of a whole range of leadership theories and integrates it all into the authors' own compelling view of what makes leaders effective. I've found their framework very helpful in my own work.' Larry Benjamin, Capwell Partners, Chicago, IL 'Wonderful stuff . A really important and worthwhile book.' David Haslam,President, British Medical Association 'I would recommend it particularly to people who are contemplating a leadership role and are not quite sure they have the attributes to tackle it an inspirational read.' Dr Elisabeth Taylor, Divisional Director, University of Bristol Hospitals NHS Trust, UK 'An important step for a company to secure future success is to have effective leader teams. Working with the ideas in this book has been very useful to us and very inspiring.' Asa Gabriel, SVP HR, ICA Group, Sweden 'This book introduces a model to apply the concept of incomplete leadership. What we have seen in our company is that managers take an immediate liking to its simplicity and clarity. In our journey to build a single leadership team for a multinational company it helped them to play to their strengths and trust others to complete the team.' Klaas Miedema, SVP Management Development & HR, Royal Ahold, Amsterdam 'Clear analysis of effective leadership and how leadership teams need to work together to be complete. The authors take us beyond 'heroic leadership' the concepts are new, powerful and provocative.' Richard Olivier, Leadership Development Consultant and Artistic Director of Olivier Mythodrama 'I have seen the application of these ideas enable individuals and teams from around the world understand what they need to do, and why, and align their personal and collective efforts to work together effectively and deliver results in a way they found astonishing.' Dr Paul Chapman, Fellow in Operations Management, Said Business School, University of Oxford 'Keep this book at your elbow. The ideas it brings to life are profoundly useful. And it's an enjoyable read along the way.' Sir Rod Eddington, Chairman, JP Morgan Australia and New Zealand

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