Publication Date: 02/03/2023 ISBN: 9781912497454 Category:

Juniper Mae: Knight of Tykotech City

Sarah Soh, Sarah Soh

Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Publication Date: 02/03/2023 ISBN: 9781912497454 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Building her own gadgets in her dad’s repair shop, Juniper Mae is a certified kid wonder. She builds jet packs, socks that keep your feet warm and dry, floating fish bowls. But a slight malfunction with one of her latest inventions causes her to crash-land in the dangerous forests around her city, and there she discovers a whole world of mystery, ancient knights and even a small green tama-tama friend, Albie. Inspired by the Guardian Knights of old, Juniper Mae steps up to the plate when her city is in danger, and when a catastrophic series of events threaten to destroy her home, it’s finally time for Juniper Mae to don her own armour and step into the spotlight.

Publisher Review

Sarah has created a truly original fantasy world that captivates you from the very first page. You are immediately hooked into Juniper's story, and loose yourself in the exquisitely rendered landscapes, and delightfully charming characters. It feels like Juniper and Albie's adventures are only just beginning and I can't wait to read more. -- Chris Garbutt, co-creator of Nickelodeon's Pinky Malinky and Netflix's We Lost Our Humans Juniper Mae strikes the perfect balance of adventure, relatability, and charm. Each page is stunning, the world rich and inviting, and the characters full of heart. -- Megan Nicole Dong, creator of Centaurworld (Netflix) Manga-style illustrations stand out in this fantasy about Juniper Mae, a young girl from a high-tech city who discovers a world of ancient knights and becomes a hero. -- The Bookseller Heartwarming, action-packed and full of magical images. * Mark Griffiths, author of Space Lizards Stole My Brain! * When adventure takes you into darkened forests, pull up your sensational snug socks before facing the beasts! Sarah Soh's stunning story follows guardian warriors, genius inventors, and cute critters in a moving tale about friendship. -- Aminder Dhaliwal, author of Cyclopedia Exotica and Woman World. This incredibly adorable story's up-close panel work and expansive, double-page spreads depicting landscapes and action sequences make the relatively small world feel immersive and captivating, and the vivid color scheme includes many glowing elements that give a fun effect to the artwork. -- Kirkus Reviews A beautiful book, crammed with breath-taking drawings and exciting adventures. Your jaw hits the floor in astonishment from the opening page. -- Gary Northfield, author of Julius Zebra series Cracking story, beautifully illustrated. -- BUEK bookstore Celebrating STEM subjects & with a strong heroine at its heart (.) exquisitely illustrated with a gripping plot, this is a new series you won't want to miss! -- Check 'Em Out Books An absolute delight (.) the world is rich and vibrant, and Juniper Mae is a lovely character who will be a great role model for aspiring engineers and scientists. -- @Bedemeister on Twitter An absolute delight getting lost in this universe. Sarah Soh has created the start of something special and I can't wait to see how the journey of Juniper Mae continues. -- @RichardRuddick on Twitter Gorgeous visuals where a high-tech metropolis meets the natural world, and legendary stories of old inspire a great central character. -- @RobCrossley4 on Twitter Sumptuously detailed spreads with stunning landscapes and endearing characters. -- @bookgiftblogger on Instagram The story gripped the imagination of the children with its fictional world, a character they could relate to and the magical creatures that they met outside of the city walls. -- @samgoldsworthychildminding on Instagram Absolutely enthralled by this book -- @rascals_and_rainbows on Instagram The artwork is my favourite thing about [Juniper Mae] as Sarah Soh draws exquisite backgrounds in both the sci-fi cityscape and the magical forest. -- @comicsvstheworld on Instagram An absolute fantastic introduction to graphic novels for younger kids. -- @Raisingsmallreaders on Instagram In three words: stylish, exciting and tech-filled. -- @ourclasslibrary on Instagram A truly engaging adventure story that brilliantly portrays a female inventor saving her futuristic city. -- @father_teacher_reader on Instagram Juniper Mae is a fabulous example of perseverance & pushing against the societal norms. She is an advocate for any girl who wants a job in the STEM industry. -- @classroom_sparkle on Instagram I love the fresh, vibrant illustrations, the female engineer/ knight protagonist, the theme of finding confidence and the pacy storytelling. -- @mrsbrownbookbox on Instagram A fast-paced, action packed graphic novel (.) the illustrated storytelling format may appeal to reluctant readers. -- @childrensfiction on Instagram Filled with inventions, new friends, old tales and jam-packed with incredible illustrations that I'd love to hang on my wall. -- @eenalol on Twitter I'm literally shouting from the roof tops how much I'm loving this sci-fi action filled comic vibe read! -- @littlec_readingcorner on Instagram This wonderful graphic novel story is perfect for future engineers, and lovers of girl heroines. -- on Instagram A firm favourite graphic novel at school. -- @MrHtheteacher on Twitter

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