Publication Date: 18/09/2014 ISBN: 9781910124178 Category:

It’s a Hill, Get Over it

Steve Chilton

Publisher: Sandstone Press Ltd
Publication Date: 18/09/2014 ISBN: 9781910124178 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Published as a quality jacketed hardback in 2013, Steve Chilton’s illuminating and entertaining history of one of athletics’ most demanding sports, as well as the most demandingly amateur, took the world of running by storm and quickly broke out of its niche. Sandstone Press is delighted to now present the book in a paperback form. It will find ever more admirers to inspire.

Publisher Review

'a really good read ... A worthy addition to any fell runners' bookshelf.' Mud, Sweat and Tears 'this exhaustive homage to fell running promises much, and delivers. Written with a real love for the sport' Scotland Outdoors 'Chilton clearly loves his subject ... I learned much from reading it and I think it's a book that many fell runners will really enjoy. Hopefully it will also inspire others who do not yet consider themselves a fell runner to venture out up a hill or two.' Outdoor Times 'a detailed history of the sport ... a very informative read that will inspire those that read it to get out there' Westmorland Gazette 'An all-encompassing history of fell running to thrill and inspire you' Trail Running Magazine 'If you are interested in the history of fell running - written by a seasoned fell runner - then look no further. There are some brilliant photos here, not to mention an entire chapter on Joss Naylor.' TGO (The Great Outdoors) 'This story of how the sport's foremost athletes developed is a fascinating one' Scottish Memories '(a) must-buy publication for fans of mountain and off-road running' Athletics Weekly '(Steve Chilton) covers the ground admirably, mixing the sport's development over the last century and a half, largely in the Lakes, north of England and Scotland, the big races, and interviews and profiles of the big names like Kenny and Pauline Stuart, Rob Jebb, Fred Reeves, Boff Whalley, Sarah Rowell and more. And, of course, the man that's "better than Zatopek, Kuts, Coe and Ovett" ... Joss Naylor.' Cumbria Magazine '... is sure to please anyone with an interest in the noble sport of fellrunning' Cumberland and Westmorland Herald 'I was particularly interested in the references to orienteers who I did not know had fell running pasts - The one to one interviews brought the book to life, and generally highlighted the relaxed approach these people have to Fell running. The sections on Women's running was interesting. We do take it for granted that life is much more equal now than in the past.' Compass Sport (Britain's national orienteering magazine)

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