Publication Date: 01/03/2007 ISBN: 9780099476559 Category:

Ireland: Awakening

Edward Rutherfurd

Publisher: Cornerstone
Publication Date: 01/03/2007 ISBN: 9780099476559 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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Following the critically acclaimed success of Dublin, this riveting sequel takes the story of Ireland from the seventeenth century onwards, picking up at the Reformation, and with it, the devastating arrival of Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell heralds the inauguration of two hundred years of Protestant dominance, throughout which many of the Irish people were impoverished and dispossessed. Dublin is made a Protestant capital, and Catholics become an underclass.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Irish political history, this powerful saga is brought to its conclusion. Journeying through the centuries right the way up to the twentieth century’s Easter Rising and Independence, passing through turbulent milestones such as The Year of the French, the Famine and The Home Rule Movement of Parnell along the way.

Publisher Review

Riveting sequel * The Irish Post * Rutherford delivers on what is promised...(he) handles difficult material accurately and well...his ability to maintain a healthy narrative pace with an engaging popular style distinguishes Ireland Awakening as one of the better epic histprical novels * Evening Herald * The characters are expertly sketched through the lens of love, loss, rebellion absorbing and enjoyable read * The Sunday Business Post * This is historical fiction and family saga on a grand scale * The Good Book Guide * The author bounds excitingly through Irish history...there is much action, some grinding poverty and violence, and an excitement that Rutherford keeps racing through 863 pages. His fictional characters become as vivid as the real life Irish heroes who stride the plot-cum-history * Daily Express *

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