Publication Date: 06/11/2020 ISBN: 9780993530227 Category:

I Shall Not Be Away Long

Charles Bartlett, Andrew Tatham, Andrew Tatham, Andrew Tatham, Andrew Tatham, William Boyd

Publisher: Arvo Veritas
Publication Date: 06/11/2020 ISBN: 9780993530227 Category:
Paperback / Softback



Publisher Review

'Moving, powerful, important' - MICHAEL MORPURGO ---- 'This is not only a beautiful-looking book, generously and wonderfully illustrated, it is also a remarkable human document, as rich in detail and commentary on the human condition as a long novel. Tens of thousands of books have been written about the First World War and who would have thought that, over a hundred years since it ended, there was anything more to say. But 'I Shall Not Be Away Long' fully earns its place in the Pantheon of literature about the Great War. We come away from it amused, moved, informed, baffled, shocked, saddened and, with a bit of luck, wiser. It is a classic of its kind.' - WILLIAM BOYD ---- 'The achievement of it, the depth, breadth, humanity, suspense (what on earth was Charles going to be up to next?), the 300-strong cast, the meticulousness, brilliant structure and design... It is a more than worthy sequel to 'A Group Photograph' and the two fit beautifully, seamlessly, together' - PATRICK MILES, author of 'George Calderon - Edwardian Genius' ---- 'Compelling reading' 'Absolutely intriguing' 'Of human interest that we can all relate to as all our lives are more complex and nuanced than they might seem at first glance' - HELEN TOVEY, Editor of Family Tree magazine ---- 'The book is beautifully illustrated and the depth of research is most impressive' - PROFESSOR IAN BECKETT, author of 'The Great War' ---- 'If there's one book you read about the Great War during this time of remembrance, I heartily recommend this one.' - BRITAIN AT WAR magazine ---- 'Tatham does the roller-coaster ride of Bartlett's life proper justice in an impeccably produced book.' - HISTORY OF WAR magazine ---- 5 stars & 'It will make excellent reading for scholars of the conflict.' - SOLDIER magazine ---- Book of the Week: 'Andrew Tatham has produced a remarkable human document' - COUNTRY LIFE magazine

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