Publication Date: 08/06/2023 ISBN: 9781915590084 Category:

I Have the Right

Reza Dalvand

Publisher: Scribe Publications
Publication Date: 08/06/2023 ISBN: 9781915590084 Category:


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A stunningly illustrated and essential volume on children’s rights: an introduction for kids and a reminder for adults.

I have the right to have a name and a nationality.

I have the right to the best healthcare.

I have the right to an education.

I have the right to a home where I can thrive.

With poetic text and exceptional art, internationally acclaimed Iranian illustrator Reza Dalvand introduces children to the universal rights they are entitled to under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Adopted in 1989 and ratified by 140 countries, the convention promises to defend the rights of children and to keep them safe, respected, and valued. Dalvand’s stunning illustrations speak to children all around the world, some of whose rights are often challenged and must be protected every day.

The afterword, by renowned paediatrician Dr Catherine Gueguen, links these rights to the fundamental building blocks of a stable, safe, and fulfilling life.

Publisher Review

'In 1989, the 140 nations of the United Nations unanimously adopted the Convention of the Rights of the Child ... These rights are named on separate pages so the weight of them can be felt. Rights included are the right to a name, a nationality, healthcare, nutritious food, an education, safety, shelter, protection from violence, and freedom from discrimination. This can be a heavy topic for young readers, but is made easier with lively, comforting, and emotive illustrations done with oil paints, crayons, and markers and assembled digitally.' * Youth Services Book Review * 'Consider countries worldwide where children don't have rights like education or safety. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child created this in 1989, which reminds and assures us all that children have rights, too. Use this picture book in the classroom to teach human rights and at home to discuss childhood in some other countries.' -- Melissa Taylor * Imagination Soup * 'Timely, necessary, and potentially the stimulus for some eye-opening conversations. A must-have for all schools.' * Library Girl and Book Boy * '[An] incredibly beautiful and powerful book ... Reza Dalvand has illustrated each right with simplicity and bright use of colours, style and patterns ... This book should be gifted to every family around the world so our future generations grow up knowing this word for word. Each page is enchanting and expressive- suitable for all ages!' * My Shelves Are Full * 'This wonderful book, written to celebrate the publication of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, is an essential for every school, every library and as many homes as possible. It simply, joyfully and directly reminds every reader, child and adult alike, of the fundamental rights of every child from the minute of their birth ... each of the 16 double-page spreads is devoted to one of the Articles, expressed in the simplest terms and accompanied by [Reza Dalvand's] distinctive, colourful artwork. He has converted the legalistic language of the Articles into first person statements, which enhances their power, especially if read aloud. It gives the book the feel of a majestic poem which imparts a sense of agency as it is read ... I Have the Right is a profoundly thought-provoking book.' * V's View from the Bookshelves * Praise for Mrs Bibi's Elephant: 'Reza Dalvand's book is a stunning work of remarkable colour and verve which feels fresh, stylish and sophisticated.' * BookTrust * Praise for Mrs Bibi's Elephant: 'Introduces children to the concepts of diverse perspectives, social acceptance, and communal harmony.' * School Library Journal * Praise for Mrs Bibi's Elephant: 'Reza Dalvand's gentle fable is verification of the importance of companionship and love. His illustrations are an absolute delight. With elaborate patterns adorning clothing, furnishings, and townscapes, every spread offers a wealth of detail to feast the eyes on. Artwork done with love for a tale of love.' -- Jill Bennett * Red Reading Hub * Praise for What Could That Be?: 'In a parable both timely and ageless, a mysterious item on the forest floor excites ominous imaginings in all who come upon it. Iranian author/illustrator Dalvand depicts trees and figures in shimmering, almost luminescent colours to make the item, a small black lump, look all the more enigmatic ... a simple play on a provocative notion, with art in pleasingly vivid hues.' * Kirkus Reviews *

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