Publication Date: 05/05/2022 ISBN: 9781838740733 Category:

I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast

Michael Holland, Phillip Giordano

Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Publication Date: 05/05/2022 ISBN: 9781838740733 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Get ready to learn everything you never knew about plants and then some! Now in paperback, this illustrated compendium celebrates the plants you didn’t even know you used, from your toothpaste to your car tires to the name of your great-great-aunt. This comprehensive overview also contains great plant projects you and your friends can try at home!

Publisher Review

Funny and clever, with illustrations that are a feast for the eye. An instant classic. -- Sir Tim Smit * Co-founder of The Eden Project * A fun read from start to finish with some brilliant experiments. -- Neil Jones * Chelsea Physics Garden * I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast (Flying Eye) is a compendium of plants so full of dazzling, delicious pictures that it's like opening up a world-class garden in your hands. * The Guardian * Many books have celebrated plants, but this one feels special. * The Observer * With a wonderful concept and beautiful execution (...) it is a book that will enthuse all that read it, both young and old. * Garden Media Guild Award * Beautifully illustrated, this deserves to become a children's classic. * The Daily Mail * This gorgeous Celebration of Plants around the world is filled with radiant graphic-style illustrations, complementing fascinating facts and activities. * The Guardian * Bright and beautiful, the colour composition is masterful. Philip Giordano has done a wonderful job at depicting each species accurately yet keeping to his unique style. Younger children can explore the artwork and share with adults, older children in KS2 will be able to discover so much independently. * Just Imagine * This book is an absolute treasure and is certain to inspire love and care for our planet. -- Children's Books Ireland A must-have book for budding botanists, family bookshelves and class collections. -- Red Reading Hub A wonderful book with lots to do and plenty to learn without trying! A must for the library. * North Somerset Teachers' Book Award * The ultimate compendium of plant life. * Leeds Libraries on Instagram * A fantastic book that introduces the science that thrives in our gardens. -- eyfs_books_and_things on Instagram Activities you can do at home, messages about the environment, brilliant facts about plants around the world, gorgeous visuals. It really is a celebration. -- @robcrossley4 on Twitter A beautiful non-fiction book that's literally candy to the eye. -- Thekidsbookstagrammer on Instagram A must have for parents, teachers, children, nature lovers and keen eco-warriors everywhere. -- Mr_c_classroom on Instagram A brilliant gift, a classroom gem and a home-shelf staple - this is an all-round SUPERB book! -- Thelittleliterarysociety on Instagram An encyclopaedia of all things plant. -- Miss.wrightsclassroom on Instagram A visually pleasing book to read -- @posies_book_club on Instagram All of the information is presented in easy to digest chunks, accompanied by bright, engaging artwork. -- @milo_and_gigis_bookshelf on Instagram This book is exceptionally gorgeous. I felt happy just by flipping the pages as the striking colours exploded before my eyes. * @nrlhakimin on Instagram * Showstopping illustrations make this a delight for the shelves. -- @kidsbookstolife on Instagram A stunningly illustrated book full of fascinating and awe-inspiring facts about plants. -- @what_the_little_ones_read on Instagram I am so in love with this brilliant nonfiction picture book about plants. It is full of fascinating information about how plants are a huge part of our everyday lives.

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