Publication Date: 02/06/2022 ISBN: 9781838955618 Category:

How To Stage A Coup

Rory Cormac

Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication Date: 02/06/2022 ISBN: 9781838955618 Category:




‘A compelling history of the dark arts of statecraft… Fascinating’ Jonathan Rugman

Today’s world is in flux. Competition between the great powers is back on the agenda and governments around the world are turning to secret statecraft and the hidden hand to navigate these uncertain waters. From poisonings to electoral interference, subversion to cyber sabotage, states increasingly operate in the shadows, while social media has created new avenues for disinformation on a mass scale.

This is covert action: perhaps the most sensitive – and controversial – of all state activity. However, for all its supposed secrecy, it has become surprisingly prominent – and it is something that has the power to affect all of us.

In an enthralling and urgent narrative packed with real-world examples, Rory Cormac reveals how such activity is shaping the world and argues that understanding why and how states wield these dark arts has never been more important.

Publisher Review

A compelling history of the dark arts of statecraft - from assassination and sabotage through to disinformation, election interference and cyberattack. Rory Cormac combines the best true-life spy stories with thoughtful analysis of the perils of covert government operations. So full is it of fascinating and astutely examined examples of these murky practices that you wouldn't want his book to fall into the wrong hands. * Jonathan Rugman, author of The Killing in the Consulate * Even as major powers flaunt their military hardware and brazenly trample over borders, their struggles also continue in the shadows. Rory Cormac's raid into this confusing terrain is daring, incisive and exact, an intellectual special operation in itself. In particular, it reveals the hard choices and delicate trade-offs practitioners must consider, between secrecy, control and impact. Much that is written on this subject is overblown and vapid. Cormac's work, by contrast, is a much-needed correction. Britain needs Cormac. * Patrick Porter, author of The False Promise of Liberal Order * A dazzling journey through the subterranean world of covert action: from assassination, secret wars, cyberattacks and sabotage, to rigging elections, spreading influence, and subverting democracy. This major new book is stacked full of fascinating examples from around the world, perceptive analysis and careful warnings. A must read for anyone interested in international politics and secret statecraft. * Jamie Gaskarth, author of Secrets and Spies * An engrossing journey through the history of a stubbornly opaque area of the secret world. * BBC History Magazine on DISRUPT AND DENY * Revelatory and meticulously researched. * Times Literary Supplement on DISRUPT AND DENY * An enthralling, well-written and authoritative history of Britain's role in covert operations. * International Affairs on DISRUPT AND DENY * Rich and controversial. * Intelligence and National Security on DISRUPT AND DENY *

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