Publication Date: 20/09/2017 ISBN: 9781907860027 Category:

How To Grow And Eat Monster Vegetables

M.P. Robertson

Publisher: from you to me Limited
Publication Date: 20/09/2017 ISBN: 9781907860027 Category:


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We all know that to inspire kids, books should be silly, gorey, bonkers or scary – or in this case, all of the above! An hilarious and surprisingly informative look at all aspects of gardening with, and eating, monster vegetables. With intricate, highly amusing illustrations, here are tips on handling the nasty Turn’N’Nips, coping with noxious Farty-Chokes fumes, searching for troll poo and dealing with the very angry Not-So-Sweetcorn. The moral – eat your greens before your greens eat you!


Fiction and real-life collide as grandfather James takes the reader and his grandchildren on an exciting journey of discovery through the Monster Vegetable garden.
M.P. Robertson’s stunning illustrations bring a whole host of Monster Vegetables to life in this brilliantly funny and clever guide designed to encourage children to discover vegetables. Packed full of gardening tips, recipes and more, James steers the reader safely through the dangers and delights of Monster Vegetables, learning:

How to grow Globe Farty-Chokes, Carnivorous Cabbages, Grumpkins and more.
How to cook scrumptious recipes such as Beat-Em-Up-Root chocolate cake.
The different types of poo for growing Monster Vegetables.
How to avoid a nasty nip from a Turn ‘N’ Nip and keep all your fingers.
How to deal with a Sluggapotamus and other pesky pests.

A fantastical reference picture book, How to Grow & Eat Monster Vegetables carries a message that is sure to go down a storm with parents . . . that however scary they may look, vegetables are in fact fun to grow, harmless to eat and cracking to cook with!

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