Publication Date: 07/07/2022 ISBN: 9781788452137 Category:

Her Dark Wings

Melinda Salisbury

Publisher: David Fickling Books
Publication Date: 07/07/2022 ISBN: 9781788452137 Category:
Paperback / Softback




HER DARK WINGS is a potent, passionate modern-day take on the Persephone myth.

On an island, near the entrance to the Underworld . . .

Corey and Bree’s friendship has always been unbreakable. Or so Corey thought, until Bree betrays her in the worst way possible, and then Bree’s sudden death leaves Corey heartbroken and furious.

But the Underworld calls to Corey too: enraptured by the passionate Furies, she is taken to the realm of a god who is unyielding, cold and irritatingly arrogant. It will change her, because the more she learns about herself, the more Corey’s own power stirs. But can she resist her darkness within?

Publisher Review

'Melinda Salisbury is a lush, magical writer - who isn't afraid of the dark. Her Dark Wings captures the glory of having a real best friend, and the mythic pain of being betrayed by one' RAINBOW ROWELL ----- 'Salisbury's voice sings at the crossroads of classical and urgently modern . . . Her storytelling is tight and focused and moves at a breathless pace: as all good myth-making should . . . strange, elegant and chilling: I devoured it' SARAH MARIA GRIFFIN ----- 'Infused with myth, Her Dark Wings is darkly enchanting, bold and unexpected. I loved experiencing this richly imagined world through the eyes of such a well-drawn, nuanced heroine' MARY WATSON ----- 'Raw emotion; searing prose and a darkly imagined world' NON PRATT ----- 'A skilled contemporary reimagining full of friendship and fury' DEIRDRE SULLIVAN

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