Publication Date: 12/09/2019 ISBN: 9781788160827 Category:

Heaven, My Home

Attica Locke

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd
Publication Date: 12/09/2019 ISBN: 9781788160827 Category:
Paperback / Softback




A Guardian Book of the Year
An FT Best Book of 2019
A Sunday Times Book of the Year
Shortlisted for the Orwell Prize for Political Fiction 2020

When the young son of an Aryan Brotherhood of Texas gang captain goes missing, Ranger Darren Mathews has no choice but to investigate the crime. Following the election of Donald Trump, a new wave of racial violence has swept the state. Dark, swampy and filled with skeletal trees, Caddo Lake is so large it crosses into Lousiana. This is deep country and the rule of law doesn’t mean much to the Brotherhood, beyond what it can do for them.
A further complication is that the Brotherhood is squatting on the land of a former Freedmen’s community, and one of the last descendants of these former slaves is actually a suspect in the possible murder of the missing boy.
Instructed by his lieutenant to use the investigation to gather more evidence that might help to take down the Texas chapter of the Brotherhood, Darren is playing very dangerous game indeed.

Publisher Review

A powerful, angry, important book. Attica Locke is a major talent. -- Mick Herron, author of Slow Horses Heaven, My Home is a propulsive and compelling novel, worthy of comparisons to Walter Mosley. The story whips along towards a resolution so neat and tidy that it skates very close to cliche, but Locke's exploration of Matthews's predicament digs deep into the tension between "the impulse to police crimes against black life and to protect black life from police". It is buttressed by passages of gorgeous lyricism, with loving, elegiac evocations of Texas set alongside extended meditations on displacement, reconciliation and forgiveness, and on what "home" means in a place where it's an idea you can't "exactly touch". -- Sara Collins * Guardian * In remote rural Texas, the descendants of freed slaves share their land with some of the state's last Native Americans. Attica Locke's magnificent new novel, Heaven, My Home is set on the side of a lake where this small community struggles to survive, encroached on by angry white men who deal in drugs and stolen goods. Into this unstable situation comes Darren Matthews, a Texas Ranger from Houston sent to investigate the disappearance of a nine-year-old white boy. Locke's novel is set in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, and shines an unflinching light on an ugly side of contemporary America. -- Joan Smith * Sunday Times * One of America's finest crime novelists ... a beautifully wrought mystery and an incisive portrait of the American South in the age of Trump. -- John Williams * Daily Mail * A tightly plotted crime novel centring on the disappearance of a child, and a blistering look at race in Donald Trump's America. -- Sarah Hughes * iPaper * A superb thriller * The Times * The most celebrated African-American writer of crime fiction. Although her books are about the black experience in the US, they are universal in scope ... a consummate storyteller. * Financial Times * The world of Highway 59 contains multitudes, rich and poor and booksmart and horse-sense smart and of many races and ethnicities. A mystery series with atmosphere, depth, and boundless compassion for its characters. Attica Lockecombines first-class procedural action with wise contemplation on our country's modern divides. * NPR * A propulsive and compelling novel . . . with passages of gorgeous lyricism, with loving, elegiac evocations of Texas set alongside extended meditations on displacement, reconciliation and forgiveness, and on what "home" means. * Guardian * One of the hallmarks of her fiction is the insightful way she explores how black and white people can live almost entirely different experiences inside the same time and place. . . . It's a thrilling mystery, yes, but it's also a powerful meditation on what it means to be human in these frightening times. * Texas Observer * Locke once again excels in her superior storytelling. * Associated Press * Ms. Locke, a canny storyteller, ties up enough strands to satisfy readers, while leaving enough loose ends to make us eager for Ranger Mathews's next adventure in the Lone Star State. * Wall Street Journal * Scalp-prickling encore to Edgar-winning Bluebird, Bluebird. * Oprah Magazine's Must-Read Books of Fall * Bewitching story and luscious language . . . . The story has legs, the characters have character, and the dialogue has a wonderful regional tang. * New York Times Book Review * Riveting * Philadelphia Inquirer: Fall 2019's biggest books * Nuanced, moody and artful tale. . . . Locke deftly weaves a story thick with characters and conflicting motivations, in language that's sometimes startlingly lovely. * Best of Fall in Seattle Times * She manages to deliver entertainment while also immersing readers in a world where the wound of America's racial history is raw, infected and resistant to treatment. * Washington Post * It is no small thing to say that Attica Locke's novel, Heaven, My Homeis masterful. It's a quick read, not in the sense that it is short, but that it goes - and goes fast. It's a page-turner in every way. * San Francisco Chronicle * Twisted and suspenseful, Bluebird, Bluebird was a literary high-wire act that begged the question - could Locke pull it off again in the Texas Ranger's sophomore outing? Heaven, My Home may be complex, but it's worth every blistering word Locke puts on the page. . . . One of the most affecting mysteries of the year. * Los Angeles Times * Few suspense novelists display a better grip of political and racial divides than Attica Locke, and she spins a hell of a good story as well, introducing characters and locales you will want to visit again and again. * BookPage starred review * An enthralling story which sees Locke tackle everything from attitudes towards race in Donald Trump's America to notions of freedom, land ownership and class. Uncompromising, intelligent crime fiction that refuses to sugar-coat the answers. * iNews *

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