Publication Date: 02/04/2020 ISBN: 9781406382778 Category:


Nicola Davies, Emily Sutton

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
Publication Date: 02/04/2020 ISBN: 9781406382778 Category:




From the award-winning team behind Tiny and Lots comes a new book exploring another fascinating area of biology: growth.

A beautifully illustrated introduction to the concept of DNA for younger readers. All living things grow – every plant and every animal, including human beings. Some things grow fast and others grow slow; some things grow by tiny degrees, while others grow to be enormous. Yet there’s something about the way we grow that links us all together. Ever since you were the size of a dot, your body has been following a set of instructions: a code, which connects you with every creature on the planet… With words from Nicola Davies and exquisite artwork by Emily Sutton, this groundbreaking book is certain to enchant and inspire children.

“Clear, direct, involving text, coupled with vivid, delicate illustrations, make for a truly special work of non-fiction.” – Guardian on Lots

Publisher Review

Written in easy-to-follow language, this book explains clearly the complex concept of DNA as a story. Wrapping the reader in a smooth, flowing text with it's lively, intricate illustrations, it is both fascinating and enchanting, taking us on the magical journey that is simply life. Both a lovely, gentle work of art and an insightful, factual nonfiction book, this is bound to educate, inspire and delight readers of any age. * Fallen Star Stories * This picturebook is richly informative about animals, plants and people, making for an engaging science lesson. Meanwhile, Davies has a series of YouTube videos in which she reads some of her other picturebooks about science and nature, including Tiny: The Invisible World of Microbes, which is handy for putting coronavirus in the context of benevolent microbes. -- Nicolette Jones * The Sunday Times and The Sunday Times Ireland * I really enjoyed this book. The subject of DNA is very complicated, especially for someone my age, but with this book you wouldn't need an adult to help you understand it. It includes some complicated words that would help if you were being tested on DNA. I thought this book was extremely detailed and is probably suitable for 7-9-year-olds but my daddy enjoyed it and he learnt things from this book too - like the fact that he's related to a tyrannosaurus rex! -- Anna , Aged 9 * Sherbornne Times * Grow: Secrets of Our DNA carries the most important message of all; that we share some parts of our genetic code with all living things, so no matter who you are, you country or species we are all part of life's big family. Life has always been written in one language. * Parent Talk * Featured in Mums & Tots. * Mums & Tots *

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