Publication Date: 04/03/2020 ISBN: 9781785631689 Category:

Good Riddance

Elinor Lipman

Publisher: Eye Books
Publication Date: 04/03/2020 ISBN: 9781785631689 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Decluttering her tiny New York apartment, Daphne Maritch decides to throw out any belongings that do not spark joy. These include a high-school yearbook inherited from her school teacher mother, June, to whom the class of ’68 dedicated the volume. June in turn attended every class reunion, scribbling notes and observations – not always charitably – after each one. When neighbour Geneva Wisenkorn finds the discarded book and wants to use it for her own ends, Daphne realises she wants to keep it after all. Fighting to reclaim it, she uncovers some alarming Maritch family secrets and sets in motion a series of events that prove to be both poignant and absurd. Good Riddance is a vastly entertaining screwball comedy from the Jane Austen of modern New York.

Publisher Review

`You'll definitely be delighted. Can an entire book function as a shaggy-dog story?' - Washington Post, `A caper novel, light as a feather and effortlessly charming. It inspires a very specific kind of modern joy' - New York Times, `The author has long been one of our wittiest chroniclers of modern-day romance. Her writing is brisk and intelligent, and if the plot of this novel is zanier than her usual fare, that too may show just how plugged-in she is to our far-fetched times' - Wall Street Journal, `A charming romantic comedy. A stellar cast of supporting characters and intelligent, lyrical prose, make this novel a delightful treat readers will want to savour' - Publishers Weekly, `The ultimate V-day binge read' - Cosmopolitan, `Fans of Lipman will cheer for a new novel in her signature style: funny, warm, sharp, smart, and full of love for family, no matter how flawed' - Library Journal, `Smart, sassy, and satisfying... a tightly woven, lightly rendered, but insightfully important novel' - Booklist

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