Publication Date: 02/03/2023 ISBN: 9781788165983 Category:


Kate Simants

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd
Publication Date: 02/03/2023 ISBN: 9781788165983 Category:





‘Chilling and compelling’ – THE SUN
‘Turns a traditional crime plot to very modern effect’ – SUNDAY TIMES
‘Brilliant – creepily atmospheric and incredibly tense’ – HARRIET TYCE


Frozen Out is set to be a TV sensation. On a small ship off the coast of Greenland, eight contestants will push themselves to breaking point for a GBP100,000 prize.

The show is Tori Matsuka’s baby. After years working her way up the ladder, she’s finally launching her own production company with Frozen Out, and the late nights, the debts, the strain on her relationship will all be worthwhile. Everything is riding on the next twelve days. For camerawoman Dee, it’s a chance to start again after the tragedy that tanked her undercover journalism career. Not even Tori, her oldest friend, knows the full truth of why Dee left her previous job, and she plans to keep it that way.

But as errors and mishaps mount on set, tempers among the cast and crew start to fray. And when one of the contestants is found dead, only Dee realises the death wasn’t natural – and from what she’s seen from behind the camera, it won’t be the last. As the Arctic ice closes in around them and all chance of escape is cut off, it becomes clear that although the world outside wants them dead, it’s the secrets inside the ship that might cost them their lives.

Packed with suspense from the first page to the last, Freeze is a must-read for fans of Shiver, The Sanatorium and One By One. This thriller isn’t just chilling: it’s sub-zero.

Publisher Review

Brilliant - creepily atmospheric and incredibly tense. The characterisation is fantastic and it cuts as cold as the Arctic in which it's set. Highly recommended -- Harriet Tyce, author of BLOOD ORANGE Don't be fooled by the title - this murder mystery is sizzling hot. Brimming with stone cold secrets, shocking lies and twists that hit like an arctic winter. Simants has sculpted a breathtaking thriller out of pure ice -- Janice Hallett, author of THE APPEAL Packed with chills and spills, Freeze is a terrifically entertaining thriller with a unique and fascinating setting -- Allie Reynolds, author of SHIVER Superb. Utterly claustrophobic and chilling, the perfect icy read -- Jo Spain, author of DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS This book has everything - weather that can kill you, an under-equipped ship stuck in a storm, a cast of people who all have secrets and element of their past they don't want revealed. I loved it -- Catherine Cooper, author of THE CHATEAU Plenty of drama, plenty of tension, plenty of twists... The realism and authenticity of someone who knows TV production inside out shone through to make this thrilling novel unique. Will definitely give you chills -- P.L. Kane, author of HER HUSBAND'S GRAVE The ice at the top of the world is the perfect setting - a locked room mystery where the room itself is lethal. A twisting character-driven thriller where hidden pasts are exposed in the present, provoking deadly intentions and deadlier misunderstandings -- Dominic Nolan, author of VINE STREET Heart-pumping and super-engaging, with a brilliant setting and cast of characters. The twists and turns kept me guessing throughout and I raced through the pages to the clever and satisfying climax -- Philippa East, author of LITTLE WHITE LIES A fab twist on the locked room thriller! -- Tina Baker, author of CALL ME MUMMY Raced through this transporting thriller, with atmosphere, landscape and cast all compelling and vicious. I was utterly gripped - absolutely loved it -- Rachael Blok, author of THE FALL Simants has given the locked room mystery a reality-show makeover in this cracking thriller. Superbly plotted with an ice-cold killer stalking the ship-bound contestants, Freeze will chill you to your bones -- Trevor Wood, author of THE MAN ON THE STREET As a former Big Brother constant this book really hit home. Reality TV meets a gripping locked room murder. As addictive as any reality TV show and utterly chilling -- A.J. West, author of THE SPIRIT ENGINEER I absolutely loved Freeze. Chilling in every sense of the word -- Lisa Hall, author of THE PERFECT COUPLE A tour de force; a brilliantly handled, gripping locked-room thriller of great scope, with deeply human characters that leap off the page and brain-popping twists -- S.E. Lynes, author of THE HOUSEWARMING A reality TV show set in formidable Arctic conditions offers a fresh and enticing setting. The book's expert pacing will keep readers guessing right up to the end -- Ally Wilkes, author of ALL THE WHITE SPACES A fast-paced and vividly written thriller full of darkness and suspicion. Superb! -- Guy Morpuss, author of FIVE MINDS Simants gets under the skin of her characters with such humanity yet never fails to deliver the twists and tension. A wild ride of a thriller in an incredible setting -- Emma Styles, author of NO COUNTRY FOR GIRLS Biting and atmospheric, Freeze is the ultimate locked-room mystery, where the breathless intensity increases as the temperature plummets. Frostbite-inducingly chilling! -- Sam Holland, author of THE ECHO MAN A fantastic premise of a TV show on a boat in the Arctic with a killer onboard. So well done and such a good thriller. Loved it -- J.B. Mylet, author of THE HOMES Freeze brings on board unreliable characters, extreme challenges and bitter rivalries - the classic elements of a reality TV show also form the claustrophobic setting for an intense showdown -- Jo Furniss, author of ALL THE LITTLE CHILDREN Brilliant! A propulsive thrill ride from Kate Simants. I loved Freeze, an original, quirky, super fun locked room mystery guaranteed to give you chills -- N.J. Mackay, author of THE GIRLS INSIDE Chilling and unpredictable, Freeze is a thriller that seizes you in its icy grip... Dark, moving and utterly gripping -- Heather Critchlow, author of UNSOLVED

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