Publication Date: 01/10/1992 ISBN: 9780393308839 Category:

Flash Fiction

Thomas James, Denise Thomas, Tom Hazuka

Publisher: WW Norton & Co
Publication Date: 01/10/1992 ISBN: 9780393308839 Category:
Paperback / Softback




How short can a story be and still truly be a story? This volume of seventy-two very short fictions, none much more than 750 words in length, demonstrates to our repeated satisfaction that less can be more, small can stand tall, and the diminutive can be dynamically and dramatically complete. Here for enjoyment and study are very short pieces by acknowledged modern masters–including Raymond Carver, Richard Brautigan, Margaret Atwood, Julio Cortazar and Tim O’Brien–as well as fiction by newer talents, who have embraced the short form with much gusto and considerable grace. With a rich variety of stories and authors, subjects and styles and sensibilities, these flashes of fiction make for eclectic–and often electric– reading. The volume is a must for readers and writers, indeed for anyone interested in the finely sharpened edge of contemporary literature.

Publisher Review

“Flash Fiction is purely and simply a delight. Lots of stars are mustered here, but best of all for my money are the newer names and voices that speak well to and for the future.” — George Garrett, Henry Hoyns Professor of Creative Writing, University of Virginia “Flash Fiction is fun. I loved the variety and surprise of these stories. They should spark great dinner conversation, class discussion, and perhaps inspire some marathon writers to sprint and see what happens.” — Jerome Stern, author of Making Shapely Fiction “In just a little more time than it will take you to read this paragraph you can sample any one of the seventy-two very short stories in this anthology of brilliant miniatures. Some of the selections have already become so-called ‘modern classics,’ while many others deserve to become much more widely known. You can space out your reading of these epiphanic delicacies over a week or even months. Dear Browswer, I have to confess, I gobbled them up in a day!” — Alan Cheuse, National Public Radio

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