Publication Date: 06/05/2021 ISBN: 9781838851910 Category:


Mick Kitson

Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
Publication Date: 06/05/2021 ISBN: 9781838851910 Category:




‘A gleeful, page-flipping read . . . One you’ll be glad to take a ringside seat for’ Observer
‘A rollicking historical novel’ Daily Mail

Annie Perry is born beside the coal-muddied canals of the Black Country at the height of the industrial revolution. When her father dies, her Romi family can no longer afford to keep her, and at nine years old she is sold for six guineas to the famous and feared bare-knuckle boxer Bill Perry, the Tipton Slasher.

Bill is starting to lose his strength but insists he has one last fight in him. In fear for his life, Annie steps into the ring, fists raised in his defence. From that moment on, she will fight – for Bill and for her future.

A whole new world opens up for Annie, one of love, fortune, family and education, but also of danger. One wrong move, one misstep, and the course of her life will be changed for ever.

Publisher Review

Praise for Sal: Kitson writes clearly and concisely . . . Sal is an ambitious and skilled novel. Literature needs more stories like this -- JENNI FAGAN * * Guardian * * Daring and original . . . Manages to feel both contemporary and timeless, both heart-rending and uplifting * * Observer * * Just wonderful. A breath of fresh air in a book. Sal is a story with incredible heart, told so beautifully and with such clarity and grace I can hardly believe it's a debut! I loved it -- JOANNA CANNON, author of THE TROUBLE WITH GOATS AND SHEEP Sal is an inspiring novel that feels honest and fastidious. It introduces the theme of redemption and fresh beginnings without shying from the awful truth * * Financial Times * * Kitson inhabits the girls' voices with credible authenticity . . . This short, impressive debut is an uplifting tale of survival, shot through with humour, compassion and humanity * * Mail on Sunday * * Atmospheric . . . Distinctive . . . A vivid, moving tale about the strength of sisterhood and the struggle to survive -- ANITA SETHI * * Observer * * Incredibly engaging . . . Mick Kitson's depiction of the siblings' relationship is spot on, as is his description of the beauties of the natural world as seen through Sal's eyes . . . [A] gutsy debut * * Sunday Express * * Powered by Sal's innate sense of justice and her fierce love for her sweary, show-stealing sister, this original, bittersweet tale effortlessly beguiles * * Daily Mail * * Endearing * * Metro * * Gripping and hopeful * * ELLE, Book Club Pick * *

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