Publication Date: 07/09/2023 ISBN: 9781803510095 Category:

Every Drop Is a Man’s Nightmare

Megan Kamalei Kakimoto

Publisher: Granta Publications Ltd
Publication Date: 07/09/2023 ISBN: 9781803510095 Category:
Paperback / Softback





This wrenching and sensational debut story collection follows a cast of mixed native Hawaiian and Japanese women through a contemporary landscape thick with inherited wisdom and the ghosts of colonisation. This is a Hawai’i where unruly sexuality and generational memory overflow the postcard image of paradise and the boundaries of the real, where the superstitions born of the islands take on the weight of truth.

A childhood encounter with a wild pua’a (pig) on the haunted Pali highway portends one young woman’s fraught relationship with her pregnant body. An elderly widow begins seeing her deceased lover in a giant flower. A kanaka writer, mid-manuscript, feels her raw pages quaking and knocking in the briefcase.

Every Drop Is a Man’s Nightmare is both a fierce love letter to Hawaiian identity and mythology, and a searing dispatch from an occupied territory threatening to erupt with violent secrets.

Publisher Review

In Every Drop is a Man's Nightmare, the enormously talented Megan Kakimoto gives us her Hawai'i, as bright as blood, as dark as blood. It's a book about beauty and brutality, love and threat, home and estrangement, as original and fearless a book as I've read in years. It does not pull its punches; it's altogether a knockout. Eleven knockouts, one KO for every story -- Elizabeth McCracken, author of THE SOUVENIR MUSEUM Kakimoto's bold and haunting stories are brilliant on the mysterious and potent languages of the body, and on the enduring power of the stories that shape us. Every Drop Is a Man's Nightmare is a stunning debut -- Laura van den Berg, author of I HOLD A WOLF BY THE EARS and THE THIRD HOTEL Megan Kakimoto is an extraordinary writer - compassionate, insightful, fiercely funny and super-smart - and Every Drop Is a Man's Nightmare thrums with intelligence, wisdom and wild originality. A tremendous debut by a writer who, lucky for us, has only just begun -- Molly Antopol, author of THE UNAMERICANS Lyrical collisions of superstition, folktales, and modern Hawaiian culture saving itself in the face of cliches. Desire and confusion are rarely far apart in these powerful coming-of-age stories that prove it is possible to be many things, all the time, all at once -- Amy Hempel, author of SING TO IT Megan Kakimoto is one of those rare writers who has mastered both story and sentence. The women in this story are audacious, resilient, and unforgettable-they have my whole heart -- Kimberly King Parsons, author of BLACK LIGHT

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