Publication Date: 02/05/2013 ISBN: 9781780742304 Category:

Everest 1953

Mick Conefrey

Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication Date: 02/05/2013 ISBN: 9781780742304 Category:
Paperback / Softback




On the morning of 2 June 1953, the day of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, the first news broke that Everest had finally been conquered. Drawing on first-hand interviews and unprecedented access to archives, this is a ground-breaking new account of that extraordinary first ascent. Revealing that what has gone down in history as a supremely well-planned expedition was actually beset by crisis and controversy, Everest 1953 recounts a bygone age of self-sacrifice and heroism, using letters and personal diaries to reveal the immense stress and heartache the climbers often hid from their fellow team members. Charting how the ascent affected the original team in subsequent years and detailing its immense cultural impact today, Everest 1953 is the perfect book to commemorate this remarkable feat of the human will.

Publisher Review

"A magnificent book that deserves to become the definitive version. We cannot hope for a more human, funny or meticulous account of what was a very British expedition." Independent "Conefrey describes this frenetic scramble for ownership of the mountain brilliantly - a tale of great courage.' Observer "An exciting, moving account - a fascinating piece of documentary writing, as readable and poignant as Into Thin Air or Touching the Void." Spectator 'I really enjoyed Everest 1953... it's fascinating and the people in it come over as real flesh and blood human beings... very readable... one of those books that might keep you up until three in the morning because you want to know what happens next' * Anne Widdecombe *

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